Is a Suzuki Boulevard S40 a good starter bike?

Is a Suzuki Boulevard S40 a good starter bike?

2009-06-13 2007 Suzuki Boulevard S40 Sport Bikes View Listings. This bike is a great beginner bike. I bought it a couple years ago as my first bike and I still love it.

Is a Suzuki Savage a good beginner motorcycle?

I know quite a bit about this bike as far as specs and the backfiring issues it has, but i was curious about peoples experiences with this bike, mostly reliabilty(I have heard that it is) anything positive/negative you have to say would be helpful. Yup, definitely a good beginner bike.

Does Suzuki Boulevard S40 have abs?

WILL THE BOULEVARD S40 BE REPLACED WITH AN ABS MODEL? No, well, not in the foreseeable future. Since you cannot simply ‘bolt on ABS braking’, an all new model will need to be designed, engineered, mass produced and sold for a fair price for this model to be available in the future.

How much does a Suzuki Savage weigh?

Make Model Suzuki LS 650 Savage
Seat Height 660 mm / 26.0 in
Turning Radius 2.6 m / 8.5 ft
Dry Weight 171 kg / 377 lbs
Wet Weight 179 kg / 395 lbs

Is a Suzuki C50 a good starter bike?

Its not a good bike for the long trips with few stops and at high speeds, If you wanted that I would suggest get a bigger bike. the C50 would make a great first cruiser. You certainly wont get bored with it in the first 2 weeks.

What kind of acceleration does Suzuki Boulevard S40 have?

The Suzuki Savage / Boulevard S40 produces sufficient torque for city and suburban jaunts. The single 40mm carburetor keeps the bike moving until 120 km/hr at which point acceleration drops to a crawl up to 150 km/hr, if you make it to that speed. The Suzuki Savage 650 / Boulevard S40 isn’t designed for highway commuting.

What kind of engine does the Suzuki S40 have?

The heart and soul of the Suzuki S40 is its “Big Thumper” 650cc single cylinder engine. The model dates back to the 1986 Suzuki Savage 650. The Savage, later renamed the S40 saw no significant changes from 1986 to 2012 save for a drag style handlebar added in 2005.

Is the Savage 650 / Boulevard S40 still a good bike?

A throw-back to the 1980s, the Savage 650 / Boulevard S40 has kept its cost-cutting rear drum brake. This is a bike that doesn’t pretend have changed a thing, besides its name. A brand new 2012 model will still give the same strong vibrations at highway speeds as it did in 1986. Its single exhaust won’t sound any better either.

What are the dimensions of a Suzuki Boulevard?

The deeply cushioned seat has a low 27.6-inch seat height that’s great for smaller or entry-level riders. A wide 15-inch rear tire and slim 19-inch front tire provide a classic cruiser look. Lightweight (381 pounds) for easy maneuverability. A hydraulic front disc brake and drum-type rear brake provide strong, reliable braking performance.