What happens if you join the vampires in Skyrim?

What happens if you join the vampires in Skyrim?

Vampire Hunter (Dawnguard) Choosing to side with the Dawnguard gives you full access to Fort Dawnguard (which has all the normal amenities of a home base), plus weapons, armor, and spells that are effective against vampires, and the ability to hire Armored Trolls for 500g.

Do vampires attack you if you are a vampire in Skyrim?

Do vampires attack you if you are a vampire in Skyrim? The hostile vampires will still attack you, as if you’re a non-vampire. Notice that all of the hostile encounters with vampires will still have vampires attacking you even if you’re a vampire yourself.

Does Dawnbreaker hurt you if you’re a vampire?

Besides dealing ten points of fire damage on every strike, Dawnbreaker has a chance to create a fiery explosion upon defeating undead. Any undead caught within the blast radius are set on fire and will flee. If you are a vampire, the blast will harm and can potentially kill you.

Is it worth being a vampire in Skyrim?

The Effects of Vampirism are highly useful if you ask me. They include 100% immunity to disease and poison, better sneaking, and stronger Illusion spells. If you don’t mind the sun taking away your hp then go for it otherwise don’t become a vampire.

Can you cure Vampire Lord?

Go to Morthal and talk to Falion. Speaking to him starts Rising At Dawn which will remove Vampirism or Vampire Lord. However, if you sided with the Vampires you will need to become a vampire again before you can continue the quest line.

What happens if you don’t feed as a vampire in Skyrim?

After approximately twenty-four hours without feeding, a vampire progresses a stage. Without Dawnguard installed, characters become hostile toward the vampire as the infection deteriorates, attacking them on sight. Dawnguard removes this penalty and people will treat a blood-starved vampire like any other person.