How can I listen to Radio 3?

How can I listen to Radio 3?

All of the programmes available to listen to online can be accessed on mobile devices by visiting the Radio 3 website on your internet browser of choice. All Radio 3 programmes are also available to download for 30 days via the BBC Sounds app. A selection of Radio 3 programmes are also available as podcasts.

Does iPlayer have Radio 3?

Here’s a list of all Radio 3 programmes currently available in the BBC iPlayer, arranged in alphabetical order.

What FM is Radio 3?

90-93 FM

Radio 1 97-99 FM
Radio 2 88-91 FM
Radio 3 90-93 FM
Radio 4 92-95 FM, 103-105 FM (with local variations for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) For Long Wave and Medium Wave frequencies, see below.
Radio 5 Live 909/693 MW

Can I listen to BBC radio for free?

BBC Sounds: Radio and Podcasts is a free app for Android and iOS. The good news is that the app is not geo-restricted, so you should be able to download and use it even if you’re not in the UK. One of its best features is the option to download podcasts to listen to when you’re offline.

What frequency is heart radio on?

100.7 FM
The History Of Heart FM Formed in the West Midlands and transmitting on the 100.7 FM frequency, Heart FM became the third independent radio station to provide a regional service.

Who are the presenters on Radio 3?

Presenters of Radio 3’s Breakfast Show, waking the UK up with the finest classical music in the best performances.

  • Petroc Trelawny. Petroc Trelawny joined Radio 3 in 1998.
  • Hannah French. Yorkshire-born Hannah French is a musical butterfly.
  • Kate Molleson.
  • Elizabeth Alker.
  • Martin Handley.

What radio frequency is BBC Radio 4?

Radio 4 can be found on the following channels, frequencies and websites: DAB Listed as “BBC Radio 4”, “BBC R4”, or “Radio 4” FM 92 – 95 FM, 103-105 FM. LW 198 Long Wave.