Is Artisul a good brand?

Is Artisul a good brand?

The Artisul D13 is an great device, and perfect for anyone not willing or ready to make the jump to higher-priced tablets, but also want none of the limitations that go with getting a different solution.

Is there anything better than Wacom?

Huion Inspiroy Artist Pen Tablets Huion Artist pen tablets are the best value on the market today, and a great alternative to the Wacom Intuos Pro. They are more than enough to serve any artist at any level well.

Can I have Huion and Wacom drivers?

Working with Both Huion and Wacom Drivers Instead of re-installing the drivers every time (and rebooting…) you can simply replace the file which determines which driver is active. This means you can work with both the Huion and Wacom drivers installed at the same time!

Where is Artisul made?

Designed in San Francisco and created in Taiwan, Artisul has been a dream in the making, both for our lead designers and our parent company. We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing the best possible tool for artists of all industries, such as film, animation, fashion and fine art.

Is Gaomon good brand?

Is Gaomon a good brand? Gaomon is a fantastic brand. Despite being cheaper than Wacom, they actually put a lot of work into making high quality products with lots of extra features and goodies. We would say this is a good option for anyone who might have gone for a Huion or XP-Pen.

Should I buy a Wacom tablet?

A wacom is probably a good thing to have if you’re making art digitally, if only for the ergonomic reason. There’s a lot of personal preference regarding whether a mouse or wacom is best for certain programs, so if you have the chance to just play with one for a while, that would be good.

Is Wacom making a new tablet?

Wacom continues to introduce new tablets from time to time. Among the best Wacom tablets, their latest model is the small version of their very popular Intuos Pro drawing tablet. This model not only features a smaller tablet from its predecessor but a smaller pen as well.

Can I have two different tablet drivers?

Yes! The two tablets can be installed on the same machine. Just go into task manager > services, and there you can run/stop the Wacom Professional Service (intuos) and the Wacom Consumer Service (bamboo). Drivers will not conflict unless you’re trying to use them both at the same time.

Does the Artisul D16 Pro Need a computer?

Answer: Dear customer, Artisul D16 graphic tablet must to connect to a laptop or a PC. When it is connected to a PC, it can be functioned as the screen of your computer.It also support dual screen.

Why is my Artisul pen not working?

Uninstall the ARTISUL driver from your computer and restart your computer. If issue still occurs, test on another computer if possible. If your ARTISUL tablet works on another computer, the issue may be other drivers or software are interfering with the ARTISUL driver the first computer.