What is a Romulan warship called?

What is a Romulan warship called?

The largest and most powerful of Romulan spacecraft, first detected in late 2364 by the Federation in the first Romulan meeting in 53 years. A Romulan warbird was used as an adversary in Tuvok’s Maquis-boot-camp battle simulation. …

How many ships does the Romulan Empire have?

Roddenberry : “In addition to the twelve starships, there are lesser classes of vessels, capable of operating over much more limited distances.” No other vessels were considered to be Starships during TOS, even if they were interstellar vessels.

What ships do Romulans have?

Romulan Star Empire starships.

Name Class/Type Year(s) of service
Pi Scout ship 2366
Scimitar Reman warbird 2379
Shaenor Scout ship 2380s
T’Met D’deridex-class 2374

Do Romulan warbirds use Dilithium?

It is implied by some that all Romulan ships use this system, but that is not canon. The AS system is also never actually explained the way that Federation Warp Drives are so Dilithium could still be just as necessary for the AS system as the M/ARA systems used by other species.

Where is Earth in the Alpha Quadrant?

Earth (also known as Tellus, Terra or Sol III) is a class M planet, the third planet in the Sol star system in the space of the galaxy’s Alpha Quadrant, at coordinates 1.23N 2.79W.

Why are Romulan ships green?

Colour. All Warbird-era Romulan military vessels are painted green. As a result, green is the colour the Romulan associate with rage, bloodshed and war, the same way humans associate those concepts with the colour red. The reason that the D-7 class ships are not green is because the D-7 is a Klingon design.

Is the bird of prey Romulan or Klingon?

As originally conceived, the Klingon variant of the Bird-of-Prey was actually a Romulan ship; the script of Star Trek III at first called for the film’s main villains to be Romulans using a Romulan Bird-of-Prey, as had been typical of Bird-of-Prey use in Star Trek: The Original Series.

Can Romulan ships cloak?

The only Romulan faction ships without any sort of cloaking device are the following: Talvath Temporal Destroyer. R’Mor Temporal Science Vessel. Dewan Ikkabar Pilot Escort.