What happened to the USS Sulaco?

What happened to the USS Sulaco?

It was ultimately commandeered by Weyland-Yutani PMCs and destroyed in orbit above LV-426 in a confrontation with another Conestoga-class vessel, the USS Sephora.

How many Marines are in the Sulaco?

Tipping the scales at a hefty 78,000 metric tons, the Sulaco can be configured to haul 20,000 tons of cargo and house up to 90 crew members and passengers, as well as 2,000 additional passengers placed in short-term cryosleep pods.

What is Xenopedia?

Xenopedia is a wiki-based database that anyone can edit containing detailed information on all characters, species, weapons, vehicles, etc. featured in the Alien, Predator and Alien vs. Predator films, games, books and comics.

What does Uscm stand for in aliens?

Burke to Ripley, regarding the USCM (from Aliens) The United States Colonial Marine Corps (USCM), commonly known as the Colonial Marines, is the United Americas’ primary “force-in-readiness”, founded in 2101.

How big is the USS Sulaco?

1,260 ft
Sulaco (fictional spacecraft)

Mass 78,000 metric tons
Length 385 m (1,260 ft)
Width 50 m (164 ft)
Height 85 m (280 ft)

How far is LV 426 from earth?

39 light years
Acheron, formerly known as LV-426, is one of three known moons orbiting Calpamos in the Zeta Reticuli system, 39 light years away from Earth. The moon was given its common name by the early human colonists who settled there.

What does USCM mean?


Acronym Definition
USCM United States Conference of Mayors
USCM United States Colonial Marines (game)
USCM Union Sportive des Cheminots du Maroc (French: Sports Union of Railwaymen of Morocco; Morocco)
USCM Unmanned Spacecraft Cost Model

How long do Yautja live?

A Yautja is said to reach physical adulthood at about 50-60 years of age, which is the age equivalent of an 18-19 year old human.

What kind of ship was the USS Sulaco?

USS Sulaco was the 13th starship of the Conestoga class operated by the United States Colonial Marines. Sulaco held a reputation as the most unlucky Conestoga ship in the fleet, being involved in docking accidents, fires, attacks and a record number of friendly fire incidents.

What happens to Sulaco in Aliens Colonial Marines?

The videogame Aliens: Colonial Marines begins by featuring the derelict Sulaco being investigated by a Colonial Marine search-and-rescue team set shortly after the events of Alien 3. The investigating marines find that the ship has been boarded by scavengers and infested by aliens.

Where did the name Sulaco come from in Alien 3?

It also appears briefly in the opening scene of Alien 3, as well as in the Aliens: Infestation and Aliens: Colonial Marines video games that take place shortly after the events of Alien 3. The Sulaco is named after a fictional town in Joseph Conrad ‘s novel Nostromo, which is also the name of the ship from the original Alien.

What happens when Sephora Marines board USS Sulaco?

As Sephora Marines boarded the Sulaco, it became apparent the Xenomorphs being studied on board had escaped confinement and overrun the ship. Various sections of the ship had been turned into localized Hives where many of the Colonial Marines were cocooned and impregnated with Chestbursters .