How old was Rachel Bilson The OC?

How old was Rachel Bilson The OC?

40 years (August 25, 1981)
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What happened to summer Roberts mom?

Summer’s mom, was a female character who has never appeared in the series, not even in the photos. The only thing we know is that she abandoned Summer and her father Neil without an explanation ; since then, she has never been back to Newport Beach, and has never even tried to contact her daughter again.

Did Seth Cohen and Summer date in real life?

Bilson was 21 when she landed the role of Summer Roberts on the series. She and Brody, who played Seth Cohen, started dating in real life during the first season. Brody and Meester share daughter Arlo, 5, and welcomed a son in September. Bilson shares 6-year-old daughter Briar Rose with her ex, Hayden Christensen.

What is Rachel Bilson doing?

RACHEL BILSON NOW Rachel Bilson has more on her resume than just acting (and dating co-stars). She also has a hand in fashion. As a self-described fashion junkie, Bilson approached DKNY Jeans and together they came up with Bilson’s Edie Rose collection. She also did some modeling for her clothing line.

Did Seth and Summer Break Up?

“The Heartbreak” (Season 1, Episode 19) Following two unenjoyable turns in the bedroom, Seth, thinking his inexperience is to blame, has broken up with Summer.

What did Summer Roberts do in high school?

She is portrayed as highly sexualised and initially appears unintelligent; however it is revealed that she has maintained strong academic performance throughout high school when she is accepted into Brown University, where she nurtures a passion for environmental activism. In season 4 Summer adopts a pet rabbit and names her Pancakes.

Where did Summer Roberts live in real life?

Finally, in the episode with the Tijuana road trip, we watched a scene between her and Seth in the diner and knew: This girl is amazing. Let’s make her a series regular.” Summer Roberts grew up in Newport Beach, California, with her wealthy father, Dr. Neil Roberts ( Michael Nouri ).

Who are the main characters in the movie Summer?

Summer was originally intended as a small supporting character, only there as an object of fantasy for Seth Cohen ( Adam Brody) and a friend for Marissa Cooper ( Mischa Barton ), while Ryan Atwood ( Ben McKenzie) and Marissa were the lead couple. However, due to Bilson’s performance, Summer became an increasingly important character.

Who is Summer Roberts new boyfriend in the Outsiders?

Summer and Seth lose their virginity to each other. When Ryan moves away, however, Seth, missing his adopted brother, moves away as well at the end of the season, leaving behind a heartbroken Summer. Summer has a new boyfriend, Zach Stevens ( Michael Cassidy ).