How do I do an advanced search in Outlook 2013?

How do I do an advanced search in Outlook 2013?

To access Advanced Find In Microsoft Outlook 2013:

  1. Click in the Search box to activate the Search Toolbar.
  2. Select “Search Tools”.
  3. Select “Advanced Find”.

How do I count emails in Outlook search?

If you would like the number to the right of the search folder to display the total number of emails (your total email count), you can right-click on your search folder, click Properties, select the radio button for Show total number of items, and click OK.

How do I set up advanced search in Outlook?

Performing an Advanced Find in Outlook

  1. Open the Search Tools menu. Click in the Search bar.
  2. Choose a field to search on. Click the Advanced tab in the Advanced Find window.
  3. Define search criteria. Choose a field from the All Mail Fields menu, then choose a condition and value to search for.
  4. Run the search.

How do I add more search options in Outlook 2013?

Select Search Folders from the Navigation Pane in your Mail Box, right–click on it and choose New Search Folder. The New Search Folder dialogue box is displayed. Double-click an option from the Select a Search Folder list to select it. If prompted, under Customize Search Folder, specify the criteria to use.

How many emails does the average person receive per day 2020?

Keeping all this in mind, experts generally agree that 121 business emails are sent and received each day.

How can I see all emails received in Outlook today?

Step 1: Click the “Inbox” folder;

  1. Step 2: In the “Home” tab, click “Filter Email”;
  2. Step 3: Move the mouse cursor to “This week” from the drop-down list;
  3. Step 4: Click the small triangle right after “This week”, and select “Today” if you want to filter messages received today; or any other time period.

Can you use wild cards in Outlook rules?

A security update disabled the Run a script option in Outlook 2013 and 2016’s rules wizard. See Run-a-Script Rules Missing in Outlook for more information and the registry key to fix restore it. Note that the Rules Wizard supports wildcarding for e-mail addresses.

Does Outlook support regex?

Outlook evaluates regular expressions based on the rules for the JavaScript interpreter used by the browser on the client computer. Outlook supports the same list of special characters that all XML processors also support.