Has any NHL goalie scored another goalie?

Has any NHL goalie scored another goalie?

Martin Brodeur is the only goalie to score against another goalie, when he scored against Dan Ellis on his third career goal, although Ellis was on his way to the bench for an extra attacker on a delayed penalty call and failed to make it back to the net in time to prevent the puck from entering the goal.

What happens if a goalie scores a goal?

The Laws of the Game states that a goal will only be disallowed if it is scored directly from a hand. However, the goalkeeper drops the ball from his hand and kicks it out from his penalty area. As such, the goal is not scored directly from the goalkeeper’s hands! In this way, the goal will stand.

Can a goalie drop kick?

The punt or drop kick is used by the goalie to clear the ball as far downfield as possible, since the ball is dropped out of the hands and is airborne at contact. An effective goalie can punt the ball well down the field into their offensive zone, and this skill is an effective start for the attack.

How are goals scored and goal difference calculated?

This is calculated as points scored divided by points conceded, and then multiplied by 100. If two or more teams’ total points scored and goal differences are both equal, then often goals scored is used as a further tiebreaker, with the team scoring the most goals winning.

How many goals have been scored by goalies in NHL history?

A total of 15 goals were scored by goalies over course of NHL history both regular season and playoffs combined. Twelve different goaltenders have accomplished the feat, with Martin Brodeur doing so three times and Ron Hextall twice (full list below). The last goalie to do so was Nashville Predators’ Pekka Rinne on January 9, 2020.

What makes a goal count in a soccer game?

For example, if a goalie catches the ball behind the goal line then it is still counted as a goal as the ball has fulfilled the criteria of a goal being scored. A goal has been scored because the position of the goalie is irrelevant. What matters is the position of the ball and the ball alone.

Who are the only two goalies to score in the Stanley Cup playoffs?

Ron Hextall and Martin Brodeur are the only two who have accomplished the rare feat twice. They also are the only two goalies to score in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Here is a rundown, in chronological order, of the goals scored by NHL goalies: