What is Uma Thurman doing now?

What is Uma Thurman doing now?

For instance, she’s starred or guest-starred on a handful of television series produced in recent years, including NBC’s 2015 version of “The Slap,” six episodes of Bravo’s “Imposters,” and the short-lived Netflix organ transplant-based horror endeavor, “Chambers.” Thurman is currently in the process of shooting the …

Who is the girl in Fall Out Boy Uma Thurman video?

The clip’s concept is pretty silly by design. It follows a contest winner, Sarah, as she acts as the band’s assistant for 24 hours. Her tasks include walking a zebra, singing karaoke with vocalist Patrick Stump, playing paintball and more.

What does Uma Thurman think of the song?

“When we were writing the song, I’d play it for people and a lot [of] them immediately thought Pulp Fiction. But to me, I felt like it was more her character in Kill Bill. It’s iconic, vengeful…that’s the character I thought of when we were writing the song.” The track inspired Fall Out Boy to reach out to Thurman.

What is Uma Thurman about?

“Uma Thurman’s” about wooing a violent, wild woman. And lead singer Patrick Stump begins his ode to this woman in the song’s intro by proclaiming how far he’d go to woo her.

Who is Uma Thurman dating now?

executive Justin B. Smith
NEW YORK – Actress Uma Thurman is said to be dating Bloomberg Media Group chief executive Justin B. Smith, and the couple have been hosting elite gatherings together.

Who is Uma Thurman dating?

Why is Uma Thurman called Uma?

She grew up mostly in Amherst, Massachusetts, where she went to Amherst Regional Middle School, then moved to Woodstock, New York. While her father gave his children a Buddhist upbringing, she has the same name as one of the Hindu goddess Parvati’s alternate names, “Uma”, which means “Light” in Sanskrit.

Why did Fall Out Boy use Uma Thurman name?

Fall Out Boy also got permission from Thurman to use her name, which Wentz implied was to skirt any potential legal trouble as the band encountered with a song from their album From Under the Cork Tree.

Who is the actress in Uma Thurman song?

Uma Thurman (song) The song prominently features sampled theme music from the television series The Munsters (1964–66) and lyrics celebrating the character actress Uma Thurman, famous for films such as Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill . The song was the fifth digital track released in build up to the band’s 2015 album, American Beauty/American Psycho.

When did Uma Thurman come out in the UK?

“Uma Thurman” charted in the UK reaching No. 71 and in Canada, reaching No. 67. On August 10, 2015, “Uma Thurman” was certified Platinum by the RIAA. As of September 2015, the song has sold 1,040,000 downloads in the United States. It also became Fall Out Boy’s first top 10 Radio Songs hit.

When did Uma Thurman the boys of Zummer Remix come out?

The song was released to modern rock radio as the album’s third single (second in the U.S.) in early February. On March 31, 2015, “Uma Thurman” was released as the album’s second U.S. Top 40 single. The remix entitled “The Boys of Zummer Remix” was released in promotion of the Boys of Zummer tour featuring American rapper and tourmate Wiz Khalifa .