Where can I donate blood Austin Texas?

Where can I donate blood Austin Texas?

Where to Donate Blood in Austin

  • We Are Blood. 4300 N. Lamar…

    Mays, Suite…

    Slaughter Lane.

  • BioLife. 14415 Owen-Tech Blvd.
  • BPL Plasma. 5789 Airport Blvd Suite 1200. 1807 W Slaughter Ln Building 4.

Where can I donate blood in Cedar Park?

Best Blood & Plasma Donation Centers near Cedar Park, TX 78613

  • We Are Blood. 7.9 mi. Blood & Plasma Donation Centers.
  • We Are Blood. 14.0 mi. Blood & Plasma Donation Centers.
  • Biomat USA. 13.9 mi. Blood & Plasma Donation Centers.
  • BioLife Plasma Services. 10.0 mi. 128 reviews.
  • American Red Cross. 16.5 mi.
  • Beacon Biologics. 10.0 mi.

Where can I donate blood in Williamson County?

The facility, located at 600a Frazier Drive, is the only fixed location in Williamson County to offer individuals the opportunity to donate lifesaving blood, plasma, platelets, and double red blood cells.

How often can you donate plasma?

13 times per year
You can donate plasma every 28 days, up to 13 times per year. While the FDA does allow donors to give plasma more frequently, this is the best practice for safety, according to the American Red Cross. The whole process takes about an hour and 15 minutes.

What is the difference between the Red Cross and Blood Assurance?

The difference between Blood Assurance and national organizations like the American Red Cross is the local emphasis. “The blood supply does not belong to Blood Assurance, it belongs to the community,” Antoine said. “We’re just a steward of that blood supply to make sure that it’s ready when it’s needed.”

How long does it take to donate blood?

Over half of your blood is a liquid called plasma – and donating it is a game-changer. Your plasma can help in 18 life-giving ways, from treating serious burns to cancer. How long does it take? 45 minutes to donate, up to 1.5 hours for the whole appointment.

Does donating blood shorten your life?

Overall health The authors concluded that “blood donors enjoy better than average health.” This may indicate that donating blood is good for a person’s overall health, but the researchers could not confirm this. However, they did point out that donating blood seems unlikely to shorten a person’s life span.