How much nurses earn in Dubai?

How much nurses earn in Dubai?

Dubai – $22,154 Currently one of the richest and most lavish places in the world, Dubai has an extremely low average pay for nurses. According to the average pay for a nurse working in a hospital or long-term care facilities is much less than other Middle Eastern countries.

How much do nurses get paid in Qatar?

Nurse Salaries

Job Title Salary
EMPLOYERS Staff Nurse salaries – 2 salaries reported QAR 41,750/mo
Qatar Red Crescent ER Nurse salaries – 1 salaries reported QAR 80,000/yr
Hamad Medical Registered Nurse salaries – 1 salaries reported QAR 12,000/mo
Sidra Medicine Registered Nurse salaries – 1 salaries reported QAR 6,000/mo

How much does a nurse earn in Lithuania?

Salary for a Nurse in Lithuania The average of a Nurse in Lithuania is around 2,630 LTL per month. The salaries range from 1,260 LTL to 4,120 LTL per month that includes housing, transport, and other benefits.

Which is the highest post in nursing?

What Does a Certified Nurse Anesthetist Do? The certified registered nurse anesthetist consistently ranks as the highest paid nursing career. That is because Nurse Anesthetists are advanced and highly skilled registered nurses who work closely with medical staff during medical procedures that require anesthesia.

What are the main jobs in Lithuania?

Manufacturing organization engineer.

  • Printing technologist.
  • Wood processing technologist.
  • Equipment maintenance engineer.
  • Wood processing engineer.
  • Sewing technologist.
  • Production engineer.
  • Ecological engineer.
  • What is an average salary in Lithuania?

    What is the average salary in Lithuania? A person working in Lithuania earns an average gross salary of $22,520/year, $1,734/month, and $9.91/hour, Salaries look even more impressive in net wage thanks to the reduced tax burden. In that case, the average monthly net salary (after tax) is $852.51.