What is the average age of a brony?

What is the average age of a brony?

While many think the main demographic is teenagers, the average age of a Brony is 21 years old.

Are Bronies attracted to ponies?

The stigma associated with Bronies is primarily regarding sexuality. The pedophile stigma associated with Bronies is due to the heightened media attention to Bronies who consider themselves “Cloppers.” Cloppers are Bronies who are sexually attracted to the ponies in MLP and create pony pornography.

Why is brony a thing?

The reasons why people enjoy brony fandom are complex, in part because of the gender assumptions surrounding the show and its “intended” audience. The cartoon, as well as its values (caring, generosity, and kindness), is widely seen as being “for girls,” so men who like it often are mocked as feminine or childish.

Why do Bronies like MLP?

So why are Bronies hooked to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? One of the main reasons it is said that men grow to like the show is because of the characters voices. They feel that the voices behind these characters are extremely talented. Another reason why men like My Little Pony is because of the show’s art.

What percentage of My Little Pony fans are Bronies?

The 2014 Herd Census, which surveyed 21,686 Bronies about topics including their income, sexual identity, relationship status, education level and consumer tendencies, found that more than 80 percent of My Little Pony fans identify as male.

How do you become a Brony?

To be a Brony, you’ll need to watch all or most of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. There are nine seasons, all available on DVD, Netflix, iTunes, and Google Play, and each episode is around 22 minutes. Bronies recommend that new fans watch more than one or two episodes to really get a feel for the show.

How many Bronies are left?

There are now over 20,000 bronies around the world, according to the grassroots “Brony Study,” conducted by Patrick Edwards and Marsha Redden, two psychology professors at the University of Georgia and Louisiana State University, respectively.