Is there a Walt Disney Funko Pop?

Is there a Walt Disney Funko Pop?

Disney just announced that the Walt Disney Funko Pop!, complete with little Mickey and Sleeping Beauty Castle, will be released online TOMORROW! You can find this SA-WEET figure on shopDisney tomorrow for $39.99, or at the Disneyland shopping event next week.

How many Disney Funkos are there?

Wiki Targeted (Entertainment) The company has produced approximately 20,000 different products and counting.

What is a Disney Funko Pop?

Disney Funko Pop! 732 results. Your favourite characters from the Walt Disney Classics and Disney Pixar Movies are available as Funko Pop Vinyl Figures! Instantly recognisable toy collectables including Mickey Mouse, Disney Princesses, and Disney Villain Funko Pops are fun for the whole family to collect!

What was the first Disney Funko Pop?

Mickey Mouse 9
Disney Series 1

Number Pop! Series
#01 Mickey Mouse 9″ Disney
#01 Mickey Mouse (Variant) Disney
#01 Mickey Mouse (Pride) Disney
#02 Buzz Lightyear Disney

Which funko pops are rare?

Most Expensive Funko Pops

  • Baby Milo (Flocked)
  • Spongebob Squarepants (Metallic)
  • T-Bone (Metallic) Value: $1,460.
  • Captain America (Metallic) Value: $1,340.
  • Bone Daddy (Red Suit, Glow-in-the-Dark) Value: $1,230.
  • Dirk Nowitzki. Value: $1,200.
  • Mickey Mouse (Metallic) Value: $1,220.
  • Giant Steamboat Willie (Metallic) Value: $1,140.

What is the most expensive Disney Funko Pop?

10 Most Expensive Disney Funko Pops & How Much They’re Worth

  • 8 Mr.
  • 7 Mike Wazowski (Glow in the Dark) – $1,710.
  • 6 Lotso (Flocked) – $1,750.
  • 5 Mickey Mouse (Black & White) – $2,000.
  • 4 Oogie Boogie (Glow In The Dark) – $2,140.
  • 3 Mickey Mouse (Blue & Red) – $2,540.
  • 2 Dumbo (Gold) – $4,160.
  • 1 Dumbo (Clown) – $6,350.

What was the first Funko Pop?

Tumblebee is the First Adorable POP! Monster from Funko. Welcome to the Wetmore Forest, home of the very first line of POP! Monsters from Funko. Their cozy woodland home is snuggled deep within the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest in a secluded valley filled with mossy trees, overgrown mushrooms, and mysterious furry monsters.

What is the most expensive pop?

Dumbo Funko Pop (Clown) The winner of this top 10 most expensive Disney Funko Pop is no other than Dumbo.

  • and is the main character of the movie released in 1941.
  • Toy Story.
  • Mr.
  • What are Funko Pop figures?

    A Funko Pop Vinyl is a stylized vinyl collectible figurine manufactured by the Funko company in Everett Washington USA. They are identifiable by the uniquely embellished oversize heads on springs which bobble about when shaken, hence the term Bobble-Head. Although the majority of Pop Vinyls have bobbling heads,…