Who owns SocGen?

Who owns SocGen?

Société Générale is a universal bank. The Group consists of three main pillars backed by two business lines. Société Générale is often nicknamed SocGen (pronounced “sock jenn”) in the international financial world.

Is SocGen an investment bank?

Opened in 1977, Societe Generale’s Hong Kong office is the centre of operations in the Asia Pacific region. Here, we partner with our clients from across all industry sectors, to tailor solutions for them by capitalising on our worldwide expertise in investment banking, global finance and global markets.

Is Societe Generale a product company?

Products and services In India, Societe Generale focuses on providing value-added solutions to its clients with its expertise in Global Markets and Structured Finance and also Cash Management and Trade Finance services.

Is Societe Generale a bank in France?

Société Générale, in full Société Générale pour Favoriser le Développement du Commerce et de l’Industrie en France, major French commercial bank operating a general-banking and foreign-exchange business worldwide. The bank was established in 1864 to provide general-banking and investment services.

When was SocGen formed?

May 4, 1864
Société Générale/Founded
On 4 May 1864, Napoleon III signed Societe Generale’s founding decree. Founded by a group of industrialists and financiers driven by the ideals of progress, the Bank’s mission has always been “to promote the development of trade and industry in France”.

Is Soc Gen a good bank?

Societe Generale won “Best Bank for New Financial Products” at the Global Finance Best Investment Bank award 2021! This accolade underpins our strength in ESG and Sustainable Finance as well as our ability to innovate for the benefit of our clients.

Is Societe Generale a good company?

Overall, Societe Generale is a great company with a strong diverse workforce and culture. I worked as a consultant so my job security was ranked as a 1, however I still highly regard the company, it’s culture and its talented associates. The people are genuine and come from many different backgrounds.

Is Société Générale is a good company?

Does Société Générale pay well?

The highest-paying job at Société Générale is a Managing Director with a salary of $333,891 per year. The lowest-paying job at Société Générale is an Operations Analyst with a salary of $81,750 per year.

What type of bank is Societe Generale?

Societe Generale Group The Group is built on three complementary core businesses: French Retail Banking, which encompasses the Societe Generale, Crédit du Nord and Boursorama brands.

Which is the best bank in Europe?

Top European Banks

Rank Bank Country
1 HSBC Holdings UK
2 BNP Paribas France
3 Credit Agricole Group France
4 Deutsche Bank Germany

How big is SOCG?

Active in the real economy for over 150 years, with a solid position in Europe and connected to the rest of the world, Societe Generale has over 138,000* members of staff in 62 countries and supports on a daily basis 29* million individual clients, businesses and institutional investors around the world by offering a …