Is Kurt braunohler married?

Is Kurt braunohler married?

Lauren Cookm. 2014
Kurt Braunohler/Spouse

How old is Kurt braunohler?

45 years (February 22, 1976)
Kurt Braunohler/Age

Who is Kristen Schaal’s husband?

Rich Blomquistm. 2012
Kristen Schaal/Husband

Who plays Logan on Bob’s Burgers?

Kurt Braunohler

Kurt Braunohler
Voice of Logan Bush, various
Birthday Feb 22nd, 1976
Spouse Lauren Cook
Birthplace Neptune, New Jersey

Is Marshmallow a boy or a girl Bob’s Burgers?

Marshmallow is a transgender sex worker that Bob befriends during the episode “Sheesh!…Character Spotlight: Marshamllow.

Bob’s Burgers character
Gender Female
Hair Black
Age 23
Occupation Sex Worker

Is Kristen Schaal in American Dad?

Longmont, Colorado, U.S. Kristen Joy Schaal (/ʃɑːl/; born January 24, 1978) is an American actress, comedian and writer….

Year 2011–2012
Title American Dad!
Role Librarian and Girl (voices)
Notes 2 episodes

How much does Bob from Bob’s Burgers make?

$69,710 – $26,489 = $44,029 That means Bob’s Burgers makes a profit of $44,029…,” the fan wrote. Those costs subtracted are just those it takes to run a restaurant, and do not count how much the Belchers have to use for other bills. Stay seated on the couch and re-watch the whole season.

What happened to Mort Bob’s Burgers?

Mort is a local funeral director and owner of It’s Your Funeral Home & Crematorium, next door to Bob’s Burgers. He’s been Bob’s friend for years and helps him out whenever he can….Mort.

Bob’s Burgers character
Voiced by Andy Kindler