Does Under Armour still make hunting gear?

Does Under Armour still make hunting gear?

Blend Into the Woods with Under Armour® Hunting Gear Remain undetected until you make the kill shot in premium Under Armour hunting gear. Choose from Under Armour hunting jackets, lightweight tees and long sleeve tops. We also carry Under Armour hunting pants and bibs, masks, orange safety vests and more.

How many followers does under Armour have on YouTube?

200,000 subscribers
More episodes are slated for 2019. On YouTube, where Under Armour has 200,000 subscribers, the episodes have generated 3.5 million views, 13.6 million total minutes watched and a 3:47 minute average watch time, according to Under Armour.

Who is in the under Armour commercial?

Under Armour TV Commercial, ‘Change the Game’ Featuring Stephen Curry, Song By Jaden –

Is Realtree under Armour?

Manufactured by Under Armour The new Realtree Xtra® Under Armour Hoodie and Pants are designed for early season hunting when scent control and versatility are essential components to a successful hunt.

What is Realtree camo?

Realtree™ is one of the foremost designers of versatile hunting camouflage patterns. Based in Columbus, Georgia, founder Bill Jordan, has been producing unique camo patterns since 1986. We are a licensee of multiple Realtree™ patterns, providing exceptional concealment in a wide variety of terrains and environments.

What is under Armour’s slogan?

The Only Way Is Through.
For Under Armour, the only way out of a hard spot is to muddle through it. The athletic apparel maker on Tuesday unveiled its new advertising campaign slogan: “The Only Way Is Through.”

What is Under Armour’s slogan?

Who will protect this house?

Under Armour
Under Armour About UA BALTIMORE – Under Armour® Performance Apparel announced the launch of the third installment of its “PROTECT THIS HOUSE” advertising campaign, which debuted in the company’s unique 90-second MicroMovie format during the 2005 ESPY Awards on July 17th.

What is Realtree clothing?

And from those humble beginnings in the back of a boat dealership in Columbus, Georgia in 1983, Realtree has become the biggest camouflage brand in the world. By 1986, Bill had perfected his pattern and set about producing clothing to sell to large retailers across the country.