What are the 6 instructional strategies?

What are the 6 instructional strategies?

The first two help students take in new information:

  • Pairing graphics with words.
  • Linking abstract concepts with concrete representations.
  • Posing probing questions.
  • Repeatedly alternating problems with their solutions provided and problems that students must solve.
  • Distributing practice.
  • Assessing to boost retention.

What is the Marzano strategy?

Marzano’s Strategies Identifying similarities and differences. Summarizing and note taking. Reinforcing effort and providing recognition. Homework and practice. Nonlinguistic representations.

What are the 6 elements of direct instruction?

The 6 functions (or steps) of direct instruction

  • Introduction / review. First, you set the stage for learning.
  • Present the new material. Use clear and guided instructions, so students can begin absorbing the new material.
  • Guided practice.
  • Feedback and correctives.
  • Independent practice.
  • Evaluation/ review.

How do you help students identify critical content?

Instructional Techniques Raise or lower voice to indicate critical content. Pause at key points during instruction. Explicitly identify the critical content for each chunk of information. Demonstrate critical skills, strategies, and processes by modeling, “think aloud,” and showing student work exemplars.

What are Nonlinguistic strategies?

(noun) Expression of an idea in a way that goes beyond the use of words: diagrams, pictures, graphic organizers, 3D models, movement, demonstrations, role-plays, simulations, or mental images. Overview: One way to teach something is to explain it, either verbally or in writing.

What are the main components of direct method?

In this section, we describe the three main components of Direct Instruction: the pro- gram design, organization of instruction, and student–teacher interactions that make Direct Instruction effective.

What is a critical content?

1. Content or skill areas that, if failed, could lead to a lack of successful completion of the course. Learn more in: Varieties of Authentic Assessment. Critical Content appears in: Encyclopedia of Information Technology…

What is critical content evaluation?

Critical Content Analysis is an explicit method for the study of text that also offers flexibility in theoretical approach and textual selection.