Is TCL a good brand of TV?

Is TCL a good brand of TV?

Overall, TCL TVs offer good picture quality and great features at a low price. Although they aren’t as feature-packed or as well-built as more expensive models, their TVs typically offer great value. If you need a simple TV with a good smart system, you should be happy with most of their offerings.

Is TCL better than Hisense?

Hisense’s TVs offer more features for improved picture quality, have more powerful speakers, and offer more TV ports. On the other hand, TCL’s TVs are more durable and are offered for a more beneficial price. This brand offers better picture quality and more features for a slightly higher but incredible value.

Who is TCL TV made by?

TCL Electronics Holdings
Since 2015, it remains the third-largest television manufacturer by market share. TCL comprises four listed companies: TCL Technology, which is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and TCL Electronics Holdings, Ltd….TCL Technology.

Native name TCL科技集团股份有限公司

Who owns TCL?

TCL Industries Holdings
TCL Electronics

Key people Li Dongsheng (Chairman) Wang Cheng (CEO)
Revenue 46,990,000,000 Hong Kong dollar (2019)
Parent TCL Industries Holdings
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese TCL 电子控股有限公司

Is TCL made by Hisense?

Sales of Chinese-made TCL televisions have risen to second place in the North American market, with other Chinese brands in hot pursuit. Both are now been made by Hisense, China’s bargain-basement brand specialist.

Are TCL TVs made in China?

TCL produces all components for TVs in its factories. Screens are manufactured in China at the factory of China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. This company is part of TCL and produces screens for telephones and televisions. Production backwaters are located in Wuhan and Shenzhen.

Is TCL from China?

TCL Technology an abbreviation for The Creative Life TCL Technology, formerly known as Telephone Communication Limited (TCL), is a global electronics conglomerate based in Huizhou, Guangdong, China.

Is TCL a Chinese company?

Headquartered in Huizhou in China’s Guangdong province, TCL was set up in 1981 as a consumer electronics business and has been making televisions for more than two decades. “We are the second largest in the world as far as television sales are concerned.