Is Germany friends with India?

Is Germany friends with India?

Bilateral relations between India and Germany are founded on common democratic principles and are marked by a high degree of trust and mutual respect. India was amongst the first countries to establish diplomatic ties with the Federal Republic of Germany after the Second World War.

How is the relationship between India and Germany?

Germany is India’s largest trading partner in Europe. Germany is the 8th largest foreign direct investor (FDI) in India. Germany’s FDI totaled about 5.2 billion USD during the period 2000-2012, constituting about 3% of total FDI to India. Indian investments in Germany have seen sharp increase in last few years.

Is Germany a trading partner of India?

Germany is India’s most important trading partner in the EU and its sixth most important trading partner worldwide. Germany’s development cooperation with India remains a major component of bilateral relations.

What does India import from Germany?

India Imports from Germany Value Year
Machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers $2.94B 2020
Electrical, electronic equipment $1.19B 2020
Optical, photo, technical, medical apparatus $1.02B 2020
Vehicles other than railway, tramway $476.72M 2020

Can we travel from India to Germany?

With effect from 19 September 2021 the Federal Republic of Germany no longer lists India as a country with a significantly elevated risk of infection (high risk area). Nevertheless, EU -wide travel restrictions remain in place when entering Germany from India or Bhutan.

Who is India’s biggest trade partner?

Largest trading partners with India

Rank Country Total Trade
1 United States 92.0
2 China 81.87
3 United Arab Emirates 59.03
4 Saudi Arabia 26.71

Which country is India’s largest trading partner?

mainland China
With a bilateral trade of $86.4 billion in fiscal 2021, mainland China has emerged as India’s largest trading partner, overtaking the US in the process and registering 5.53 per cent growth.

What are the top 3 Exports of Germany?

The top 10 exports of Germany are vehicles, machinery, chemical goods, electronic products, electrical equipment, pharmaceuticals, transport equipment, basic metals, food products, and rubber and plastics.

Which Indian products are in demand in USA?

List of Indian products that have demand in the USA

  • Hemp textile.
  • Worn clothing.
  • Organic products.
  • Electronic Equipment.
  • Ayurvedic products.
  • Accessories.
  • Handicrafts.
  • Gaiters.