Whats the meaning of a trident?

Whats the meaning of a trident?

1 : a 3-pronged spear serving in classical mythology as the attribute of a sea god (such as Neptune) 2 : a 3-pronged spear (as for fishing) trident. adjective.

What is another word for trident?

What is another word for trident?

harpoon spear
pike gaff
javelin leister
pikestaff skewer
bayonet bore

Why is it called a trident?

Why is it Called Trident? In its two syllables, Trident shows its Latin roots. The first syllable ‘Tri’ (three, as in three enzymes) combines with ‘dent’ (teeth) to give us Trident. Trident had developed three patented enzymes that fought against the buildup of tartar on teeth.

What is trident Urban Dictionary?

Some British police forces have hired urban linguistics experts to help them decipher slang used by suspected criminals because it’s so evolving so quickly. Examples of MLE include tum-tum (gun,) ramsey (a large knife,) peng (attractive,) trident (anti-gang police,) skeng (gun,) and gwop (money.)

What is a 5 pronged trident called?

If you want to use the Latin prefix quin- and call the five-pronged weapon a quindent, like Momoa, that’s cool. As an alternative, you might want to honor Poseidon by considering the Greek prefix penta-, giving us a pentadent.

What is the antonym of trident?

– A three-pronged spear, especially associated with the classical gods Poseidon or Neptune. – When capitalized Trident, the submarine-launched ballistic missile and nuclear weapons platform, or the submarines used as a platform for the missile. There are no categorical antonyms for this word.

What do we call Trishul in English?

India. Trishula (Sanskrit: त्रिशूल, IAST: triśūla) or trishul is a trident, a divine symbol, commonly used as one of the principal symbols in Sanatana Dharma. In India and Thailand, the term also often refers to a short-handled weapon which may be mounted on a daṇḍa (Sanskrit: दण्ड, meaning ‘staff’).

What is a trident with 5 points called?

What is a mighty trident?

The Mighty Trident is a Melee weapon exclusive to Pixel Gun World. It was introduced in the Super Heroes Update.

What is Trident drill?

TRIDENT is a rotary-percussive drill which ena- bles it to cut into icy material that could be as hard as rock. The mass of the drill is 20 kg without harness and the mass of avionics 5.4 kg. The stowed volume of the drill is 20.6 cm x 33.3 cm x 168 cm.