What is full form of SRCC?

What is full form of SRCC?

The Full Form of SRCC is Shri Ram College of Commerce. Shri Ram College of Commerce is one of the most reputed commerce colleges of India.

Why is SRCC so famous?

It is known as the Asia’s best college for Commerce and has produced notable alumni in every field- corporate, law, politics, acting and even sports. Maintaining the top spot in the list of coveted colleges in India, it sets new records of high cut-offs every year.

Who is SRCC named after?

founder Sir Shri Ram
In 1951, on the occasion of its Silver Jubilee, the Commercial College decided to specialize in the field of commerce and economics and hence rechristened itself as Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) in recognition of the contribution made by its founder Sir Shri Ram.

Who founded SRCC?

Lala Shri Ram
An eminent and public spirited philanthropist, an outstanding industrialist and one of the trend setting far-setting leaders of the Indian business community, Lala Shri Ram, the enigmatic visionary behind the institution, was born on April 27, 1884.

What is the rank of SRCC in world?

SRCC NIRF Rankings in Last 4 Years

Year Ranking Score
2020 #12 66.29
2019 #7 64.94
2018 #7 63.98
2017 #3 67.18

Who is Shri Ram?

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Is St Stephens better or SRCC?

NAAC Rankings Released: SRCC, LSR beat St. Stephens to be top college in Delhi University. Shri Ram College of Commerce has received the highest score from the NAAC.

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What is expected cut off for SRCC 2021?

SRCC 1st Cutoff List 2021 (Released) Looking at the cut off of trend 2021: As per the 1st cutoff list, the highest cutoff percentile was 100% for both Hons. courses and the 2nd cut-off list shows 99.12% is the highest for B.Com (H) & 99.75% is the highest for B.A (H) Economics courses for the General category.

Is there ragging in SRCC?

Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) was the most happening among new students in terms of their interactive sessions. One of them, a third-year B Com (H) student said, “We didn’t rag any of the freshers. We just had a light conversation with them. Also we left it to them to decide if they wanted to sing or dance.”