Who wins Freda vs Hakeem?

Who wins Freda vs Hakeem?

Hosted by Funkmaster Flex, they had a two round battle. The first round was pretty even. Hakeem made his presence known. Hakeem gets the victory and also announces that he’s dropping his last name!

What happened Freda Gatz?

Freda got sold down the river a few times by the Lyons. Lucious promised her the world and then dropped her when he didn’t know if she could make a hit slash couldn’t conform to his standards. Then, Jamal had a hard time being her friend after she shot him (understandable, but it still hurts).

What episode is the rap battle on Empire?

My Bad Parts
‘Empire’ Season 2, Episode 8 recap: Freda and Hakeem’s rap battle; Cookie delivers a slap heard ’round the world. L-R: Guest star Bre-Z and Bryshere Gray in the “My Bad Parts” episode of EMPIRE airing Wednesday, Nov. 18 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Does Hakeem beat Freda Gatz?

With an old school rap beat at his back, Hakeem wins everyone over, making a very telling statement at the end. Since Lucious obviously sees Freda as the son he never had, Hakeem drops his last name. And the winner of the battle, as decided by the crowd: “Hakeem — No Lyon.”

Who murdered Frank gathers empire?

This guy is bad. I wouldn’t want to mess with Frank, but Lucious didn’t have the same fear. When it looked like Lucious was going to be killed by Frank’s — very quickly assembled — squad, Lucious killed Frank. Well, not by himself, but he ordered it.

How old is Brezofficial?

34 years (July 22, 1987)

Is Coop on All American a boy or girl?

Calesha “Bre-Z” Murray (born July 22, 1987) is an American actress and rapper, best known for her roles as Tamia “Coop” Cooper in the American drama series All American and as Freda Gatz in Empire.

Does Hakeem beat Freda in rap battle?

Who played Freda on Empire?

Freda Gatz/Played by

What happened to Mimi on Empire?

Mimi Whiteman was a recurring character in season two of Empire. However, after Hakeem exposed the fact that her wife Camilla had fabricated their marriage as a sham to oust Lucious, she sold all of her stock of Empire Entertainment. In revenge, she is murdered by Camilla.

What was Frank gathers eating in Empire?

When Frank is eating his meal in front of Jermel: That meal is Jermel! We don’t explicitly see that any of his body parts are gone, but he’s pretty beat up. In Daniels’ earlier version, perhaps there could have been a missing finger or two.

Who is Brezofficial dating?

Bre-Z is getting married! The rapper and “All American” star threw her girlfriend, makeup artist, and entrepreneur Chris Amore, an amazing 35th birthday celebration and topped off the night with a proposal.