What is the name of the compound CrI2?

What is the name of the compound CrI2?

Chromium(II) Iodide | CrI2 – PubChem.

Is CrI2 ionic?

We can see that the metal in the ionic compound is chromium (Cr). The given Roman numeral is II which means it has a charge of +2, Cr2+. The chemical formula of chromium(II) iodide is CrI2.

What is the chemical name for crl2?

Chromium(II) chloride

Chemical formula Cl2Cr
Molar mass 122.90 g·mol−1

What is cr2 chemistry?

Chromium(2+) | Cr+2 – PubChem.

Is cri2 an electrolyte?

Chromium (II) iodide is a strong electrolyte. The formula of which is CrI2. The reaction for the dissociation of chromium (II) iodide in water is CrI2 → Cr2+ + 2 I-.

What is the formula of Chromous nitrite?

Chromic nitrate

PubChem CID 24598
Chemical Safety Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary (LCSS) Datasheet
Molecular Formula Cr(NO3)3 or CrN3O9
Synonyms Chromic nitrate Chromium(III) nitrate Chromium trinitrate 13548-38-4 Chromium (3+) nitrate More…
Molecular Weight 238.01

What is the Colour of Cr3+?

hydrated ions

name formula colour
chrome(III) Cr^3+ green
chromate CrO4^2- yellow
dichromate Cr2O7^2- orange
manganese(II) Mn^2+ VERY light pink

What is the name for Fe2+?

ferrous ion
For example, Fe2+ is called the ferrous ion, and Fe3+ is called the ferric ion; Cu+ is the cuprous ion, and Cu2+ is the cupric ion.

What is the chemical formula for Chromium II iodide?

Chromium(II) iodide/Formula