What is an example of prominence in a sentence?

What is an example of prominence in a sentence?

1. She came to national prominence as an artist in the 1960s. 2. He came to prominence during the World Cup in Italy.

What is a prominence mean?

: the state of being important, well-known, or noticeable : the state of being prominent. See the full definition for prominence in the English Language Learners Dictionary. prominence. noun. prom·​i·​nence | \ ˈprä-mə-nəns \

How would you describe a prominence?

A solar prominence (also known as a filament when viewed against the solar disk) is a large, bright feature extending outward from the Sun’s surface. Prominences are anchored to the Sun’s surface in the photosphere, and extend outwards into the Sun’s hot outer atmosphere, called the corona.

What does prominence mean in writing?

(prɒmɪnəns ) uncountable noun. If someone or something is in a position of prominence, they are well-known and important.

How is prominence measured?

In topography, prominence (also referred to as autonomous height, relative height, and shoulder drop in US English, and drop or relative height in British English) measures the height of a mountain or hill’s summit relative to the lowest contour line encircling it but containing no higher summit within it.

What does prominence mean in news?

Prominence. A well-known person, place, or event has a stronger news angle than something that the audience isn’t familiar with.

What does prominence mean in medical terms?

[prom´ĭ-nens] a protrusion or projection. frontonasal prominence an expansive facial process in the embryo that develops into the forehead and bridge of the nose; called also frontonasal process.

What does a prominence look like?

Prominences appear either as flame-coloured projections when the disk of the Sun is totally eclipsed or as dark ribbons (called filaments) when viewed through a spectroscope. Prominences are among the most beautiful of solar phenomena.

What is a bony prominence called?

A bunion is a bony prominence that forms at the base of the big toe. The arthritis also may produce a bony prominence resembling a bunion.

What is peak prominence?

Terminology. The prominence of a peak is the minimum height of climb to the summit on any route from a higher peak, or from sea level if there is no higher peak. The lowest point on that route is the col. For full definitions and explanations of topographic prominence, key col, and parent, see topographic prominence.

Is Kilimanjaro bigger than Everest?

When Everest is the tallest peak of the world, Kilimanjaro is the highest freestanding mountain in the world….

Mount Everest Base Camp Mount Kilimanjaro Peak
Altitude – 5,550m Altitude- 5,895m
Duration – 2 weeks Duration: 5 to 9 days

What is the prominence news value?

Prominence – People or brands who have a larger awareness or following by the general public are always going to be more newsworthy. • Relevance – Issues or topics that are top-of-mind tend to be more newsworthy.