What does the root word Athero mean?

What does the root word Athero mean?

, ather- [Gr. athērē, gruel, porridge] Prefixes meaning fatty plaque.

What is the root word of atherosclerosis?

ƒThe word atherosclerosis comes from the Greek, athere, meaning “soft, fatty, gruel-like,” and scler- meaning “hard.” These terms are descriptive of the material deposited on the inner lining (tunica intima) of an artery and of the state of the arterial muscle walls once they have been affected by the disease.

What does the root word vigor mean?

vigor (n.) 1300, “physical strength, energy in an activity,” from Anglo-French vigour, Old French vigor “force, strength” (Modern French vigueur), from Latin vigorem (nominative vigor) “liveliness, activity, force,” from vigere “be lively, flourish, thrive,” from PIE root *weg- “to be strong, be lively.”

What does Athero mean in atherosclerosis?

Atherosclerosis comes from the Greek words athero. (meaning gruel or paste) and sclerosis (hardness). It. involves deposits of fatty substances, cholesterol, cellular. waste products, calcium and other substances in the inner.

What does the word gruel mean?

1 : a thin porridge. 2 [from to get one’s gruel to accept punishment] chiefly British : punishment. 3 : something that lacks substance or significance the argument was thin gruel.

What is the term for Angi O?

What does angio- mean? Angio- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “vessel” or “container.” It is used in medical and scientific terms. In anatomy, angio- specifically refers to blood and lymphatic vessels. In botany, angio- specifically refer to seed vessels.

What is mental Vigour?

Vigour is physical or mental energy and enthusiasm.

Is Vigors a word?

Yes, vigors is in the scrabble dictionary.

What is another word for gruel?

What is another word for gruel?

porridge breakfast cereal
oatmeal oats
polenta burgoo
frumenty grits
grout loblolly