How to express opinions in Spanish?

How to express opinions in Spanish?

En mi opinión, la película es un poco aburrida….Basic Verbs & Phrases to Express Opinions.

Spanish Pronunciation Translation
En mi opinión (ehn mee oh-pee-NYOHN) In my opinion
Creo que (KREH-oh keh) I think that, I believe that
Pienso que (PYEHN-soh keh) I think that
Opino que (oh-PEE-noh keh) I think that

How to talk about your opinion in Spanish?

So let’s see some other phrases with which to give your opinion in Spanish.

  1. Yo creo que. This is the most common way to say “I think” in Spanish.
  2. En mi opinión.
  3. Me parece que.
  4. Estoy de acuerdo.
  5. Si me dan a elegir yo + conditional.
  6. Con respecto a.
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How do you say your opinion?


  1. In my opinion, In my eyes.
  2. To my mind, As far as I am concerned.
  3. From my point of view.
  4. My view / opinion / belief / impression / conviction is that …
  5. I would say that …
  6. My impression is that …
  7. I have the feeling that …
  8. I have no doubt that …

Is opinion an indicative or subjunctive?

Opinions in indicative and subjunctive, this is one of the first uses of the subjunctive that our students learn at “With affirmative opinions we use indicative; when they are negative, they go with subjunctive”; this is a mantra that intermediate level students repeat constantly.

What’s your opinion on me meaning?

Your opinion on something describes your ideas or beliefs regarding a particular matter or topic. For example, “What’s your opinion on the new tax law?” Usually you’d use this phrase to ask for someone’s opinion on a broad topic that allows for many different opinions to be discussed. This phrasing can open up debates.

How do you tell if a sentence is subjunctive or indicative Spanish?


  • The subjunctive mood is used to talk about desires, doubts, wishes, conjectures, and possibilities.
  • The indicative mood is used to talk about facts and other statements that are believed to be true and concrete.
  • The imperative mood is used to give commands.

Is the subjunctive an opinion?

The subjective mood or attitude toward the topic in the case of subjunctive could be one of desire, an opinion, or feeling. Notice that these subjunctive sentences always have two verbs (in bold).

How to get opinions for Spanish a level?

Useful opinions for AS/A2 Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Search Browse Create Log inSign up Log inSign up Opinion phrases Spanish A Level STUDY Flashcards Learn Write Spell Test PLAY Match Gravity Created by ivanastanleyTEACHER Useful opinions for AS/A2 Terms in this set (13) en mi opinión in my opinion pienso que I think that

When to use’in my opinion’in English?

The English direct translation would be “In my opinion”. This phrase is mostly used when your opinion is not completely formulated, so it is a useful phrase for when you are not 100% sure. The meaning of this phrase it “it seems to me that..” It is the direct translation of “I agree”.

Which is the best opinion phrase in Spanish?

Personalmente, opino lo mismo que Personally, I agree with En cuanto a As far as… is concerned Me da la impressión que I have the impression that Según que yo entiendo As far as I understand it THIS SET IS OFTEN IN FOLDERS WITH… Opinion phrases Spanish A Level 13 terms ivanastanleyTEACHER Spanish, Spanish 101 terms josey_jeb_curl_14

How to use Spanish flashcards to express your opinion?

Spanish Opinion Phrases STUDY Flashcards Learn Write Spell Test PLAY Match Gravity Created by Scarborough differernt phrases to express your opinion Terms in this set (8) Creo que I believe that Considero que I think that En mi opinión In my opinion A mi parecer The way I see it Personalmente, opino lo mismo que Personally, I agree with En cuanto a