Why was Lego Hero Factory discontinued?

Why was Lego Hero Factory discontinued?

LEGO discontinued the Hero Factory line in 2014 in favor of reviving the Bionicle collection. The two product lines have a similar aesthetic, though Bionicle proved more popular than Hero Factory.

Is Lego Hero Factory coming back?

A further episode titled “Invasion from Below” was produced by Lego with design partner Advance and animation company Ghost. The episode premiered as part of the online game of the same name in January 2014, and since Lego’s decision to discontinue Hero Factory after 2014, is the last episode of the series.

When was Lego Hero Factory discontinued?

Hero Factory was a constraction theme introduced in July 2010 and discontinued in 2015. The theme was centered around a group of robotic heroes who protected the galaxy from various threats. The theme primarily used new TECHNIC elements for each set, much like BIONICLE.

Is LEGO Hero Factory a BIONICLE?

Hero Factory was a LEGO toy-line produced from 2010 to 2014 and considered the “successor” of BIONICLE. While it was made by the same designers as BIONICLE, it possessed no connection to the BIONICLE story.

Are bionicles worth anything?

Originally retailed for US $14.99, currently sells for around US $50 and up on eBay and Bricklink.

How did Furno take control of the Stormer?

Furno took control, and ordered Surge and Breez to take the downed Stormer to safety. He summoned his bike from the Hero Craft with an ultrasonic signal, and used it to gain the upper hand on Rotor and XPlode. XPlode fled to safety, but Rotor was captured by the budding Hero.

What did William Furno do at Hero Factory?

Furno helped clean up Tranquis afterwards, and at Hero Factory was reassured by Bulk that Hero Factory will always fight the Brains. Invasion From Below After Evo discovers an invasion from an underground threat on Antropolis, Furno and the rest of the Alpha Team (minus Nex and Stringer) were sent to assist him.

What kind of bike does William Furno ride?

Furno riding his Furno Bike. Upon arrival, the Heroes used a Hero Pod decoy, and sent it towards the villains. It was destroyed by Rotor, believing he had defeated a Hero Meanwhile, a short distance away, the Heroes’ Drop Ship had made it down safely. The Heroes charged, but the villains subdued Stormer.

Who is the voice actor for William Furno?

Furno is voiced by Eric Christian Olsen in Rise of the Rookies, Ordeal of Fire, Savage Planet, and Breakout, by Josh Keaton in Brain Attack, and by Chad Randau in Invasion from Below . In Tibor Terrell ’s Hero Factory: The Musical, Furno is played by Chip Foster.