Who makes mercola cookware?

Who makes mercola cookware?

Ceramcor / Xtrema
Mercola brand coated ceramic [cast iron look] pan: 14,900 ppm Lead. Interior of pan: 83 +/- 18 ppm Lead. To see all my posts related to these pans (made by the manufacturer Ceramcor / Xtrema) including a post with the full XRF test results for one of these pans with all the metals listed, click here.

Is Xtrema cookware made in China?

For the best in product quality and performance, we decided to manufacture Xtrema Pure Ceramic Cookware in China, the country ranked #1 for ceramic manufacturing in the world with over 70% of the world’s total output of ceramic products.

Is GreenLife cookware made in USA?

What About the Best Ceramic Cookware? We were disappointed to find no quality US manufacturers of ceramic pots and pans. Brands known for their ceramic cookware like Ceramcor Xtrema Cookware, GreenLife, Calphalon, and Tramontina all make their ceramic products outside of the United States.

Who makes Xtrema cookware?

A company called Ceramcor makes Xtrema cookware. This brand prides itself on making cookware that is totally pure. They passed the required heavy metal leaching test required by the government for the past 14 years and have tested 100% metal free.

What makes Mercola Healthy Chef cookware so good?

Made from a lightweight but very durable ceramic material, the Mercola Healthy Cookware gives you the same convenience of a non-stick pan without the danger of harmful gas emissions and metals leaching into your food. Aside from ensuring the safety of your food, the Mercola Healthy Chef Cookware deserves a place in your kitchen because it:

What makes Mercola non stick cookware so good?

Unlike aluminum, commercial non-stick cookware and other metal cookware, this cookware is non-reactive and non-toxic and made from only natural materials and through safe processes. It retains heat efficiently and maintains the great potential to save time and energy.

Is the Mercola healthy chef knife set rust proof?

Lightweight, stain- and rust-proof, and won’t leach dangerous heavy metals into your food, this ceramic knife set will enable you to efficiently prepare healthy meals. If You Can’t Trust Your Cookware…

What kind of warranty does Mercola Healthy Chef have?

Has a manufacturer-backed 50-year warranty, meaning you get free replacement of any ceramic part of the cookware that breaks from hot and cold temperatures within 50 years from your date of purchase.