What is meant by Paralexia?

What is meant by Paralexia?

: a disturbance in reading ability marked by the transposition of words or syllables and usually associated with brain injury.

What is Alexia and Paralexia?

Definition. Paralexia: It is an error made during reading by persons with an acquired reading disorder known as either alexia or acquired dyslexia. Alexia is not a sensory deficit, that is, the deficit is not related to a disturbance in the visual system including visual field, visual acuity, or visual perception.

What is deep dyslexia?

Deep dyslexia is an acquired reading disorder in which the substitution of semantically, but not visually, similar words in single word reading sometimes occurs. For example, city may be read as town or large as big.

What are the symptoms of alexia?

Alexia means the inability to comprehend written material. The patients’ ability to write and spell is intact, but they are unable to spontaneously read, even what they have written seconds ago. Other features of language, such as speech comprehension, are usually intact.

Is alexia a type of dyslexia?

Alexia, or acquired dyslexia, refers to a deficit in reading following damage to the brain in previously literate individuals. Alexia is different from developmental dyslexia, which is a developmental deficit in learning to read.

What is pure dyslexia?

Dyslexia without dysgraphia (pure dyslexia) is defined as a disturbance in reading with linguistically intact writing without aphasia and dementia.

How is Alexia treated?

Alexia is associated with lesions that disconnect both visual association cortices from the dominant, language-related temporoparietal cortices. Treatment for alexia includes attempts to increase speed and accuracy of letter-by-letter reading and whole word recognition.

What causes Alexia disorder?

Alexia Without Agraphia Pure alexia is usually caused by an occlusion of distal (posterior) branches of the left posterior cerebral artery. The resultant damage is believed to interrupt the transfer of neural information from the visual cortex to the language cortex.

What are symptoms of alexia?