Is Celia in love with Rosalind?

Is Celia in love with Rosalind?

Celia eventually marries a man but her strong and sometimes erotic desire for Rosalind remains a consistent theme throughout the play. Both the female, Phoebe, and the male character Orlando, fall in love with Rosalind and court her whilst she is disguised as a man.

Who does Celia dress up as in As You Like It?

Realizing that such a journey would be incredibly dangerous for two wealthy, attractive young women, they decide to travel in disguise: Celia as a common shepherdess and Rosalind as a young man. Celia renames herself Aliena, while Rosalind dubs her disguised self Ganymede, after the cupbearer to Jove.

What kind of love is Celia and Oliver?

Tamara K. H. Shakespeare certainly does portray spontaneity of love as a theme in As You Like It, and Celia and Oliver falling in love certainly is one example of a spontaneous romance.

Who is the best character in As You Like It?

Analysis. Rosalind is one of Shakespeare’s most recognized heroines. Generally noted for her resilience, quick wit, and beauty, Rosalind is a vital character in As You Like It.

Does Celia marry Oliver?

Oliver and Celia, still disguised as the shepherdess Aliena, fall instantly in love and agree to marry. As time passes, Phoebe becomes increasingly insistent in her pursuit of Ganymede, and Orlando grows tired of pretending that a boy is his dear Rosalind.

Why does Celia go with Rosalind?

Celia is determined that the two girls will not be separated, and she proposes to go with Rosalind to join Rosalind’s deposed father in the Forest of Arden.

What is the message of As You Like It?

Love. Love is the central theme of As You Like It, like other romantic comedies of Shakespeare. Following the tradition of a romantic comedy, As You Like It is a tale of love manifested in its varied forms. In many of the love-stories, it is love at first sight.

Who does Touchstone marry in As You Like It?

Nevertheless, Touchstone has arranged to marry Audrey in the forest with Sir Oliver Martext, a vicar from a nearby village, officiating.

Who is first lord in As You Like It?

First Lord at Court is one of Duke Frederick’s constant attendants, and interrogates Celia’s attendants in the wake of her flight.

What kind of character is Phoebe as you like it?

Phoebe. A young shepherdess, who disdains the affections of Silvius. She falls in love with Ganymede, who is really Rosalind in disguise, but Rosalind tricks Phoebe into marrying Silvius.

Who falls in love with Oliver in As You Like It?

Oliver runs into Ganymede and Aliena in the forest and relates this news. Rosalind (disguised as Ganymede) is overcome with her feelings for Orlando. Celia (disguised as Aliena) and Oliver quickly fall in love with one another.