Which bank sells GIMPA forms?

Which bank sells GIMPA forms?

The completed application form must be accompanied by proof of payment of the relevant application processing fee. Payment of the application processing fee should be made to any of the following banks and account numbers: ECOBANK (0380014426245701) or CONSOLIDATED BANK GHANA (0510110559613). The account name is GIMPA.

What courses do GIMPA offer?

Bachelor’s degree programmes at GIMPA

  • Bachelor of Accounting.
  • Bachelor of Economics.
  • Bachelor of Entrepreneurship.
  • Bachelor of Finance.
  • Bachelor of Marketing.
  • Bachelor of Human Resource Management.
  • Bachelor of Operation and Supply Chain Management.
  • Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

How do I register for classes in GIMPA?

  1. Visit the GIMPA Website(www.gimpa.edu.gh) and click on “ONLINE REGISTRATION”.
  2. Scroll down and find “Online Registration” on the right hand side and click on it.
  3. Type in your Student ID Number, allowed by a default 5-digit PIN “13579”.
  4. Change the default PIN to your own personalized PIN that you must always remember.

Does GIMPA accept D7?

Is D7 Accepted at GIMPA For Degree Course Admission? In fact, the minimum grade or the worst grade you must get to gain admission to GIMPA is C6. This is because, C6 is a credit, whiles D7 is just a pass. As can be seen, it is very clear that the GIMPA does not accept D7 as as an admission requirement.

Where can I buy Gimpa forms?

You can pick up application forms at the Secretariat of the various schools. Alternatively, you can download them online.

What is the deadline for UPSA forms?

The UPSA Application Portal is expected to shut down on the same date at 11:59 PM….Schedule for UPSA Admissions Application Deadline 2021/2022.

No. 1.
Activity/Programme Certificate English Proficiency
Application Opens 11th January 2020
Application Closes 31st August 2020
Exams Not Applicable

Does Gimpa do nursing?

Bachelor of Public Administration Other Post-Secondary Certificates such as Teacher’s Certificate “A” and Nursing are considered and accepted as meriting placement into the second year of the BPA programme.

Does Gimpa offer distance education?

Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Distance Education Programmes: The GIMPA Distance Education Programmes are available online. Candidates can apply Now.

Where can I get Gimpa forms to buy?

How can I get admission in Gimpa?

The applicant must be at least twenty-five (25) years old, at the time of registration and show proof of age with birth certificate or any legitimate document. An applicant must pass the mature students’ entrance examinations conducted by GIMPA in English, Mathematics and an Aptitude test.

How much is UPSA Forms 2020?

How to Apply for UPSA Sandwich Admission. Purchase the Online Serial Numbers (OSN) at the cost of GH¢ 200.00 for Ghanaian Applicants and US$1 20.00 for International applicants from any Access Bank / Ecobank / Post Office branch.

What is the deadline for UPSA forms 2021 2022?