What is a HUMI cannula?

What is a HUMI cannula?

HUMI. The HUMI is a curved, rigid, double-lumened device that combines the capability to manipulate the uterus and to introduce dyes, contrast media or gas without changing instruments.

What is a HUMI catheter?

The humi is a curved, rigid, double-lumened device that combines the capability to both manipulate the uterus and introduce dyes, contrast media, or gas without changing instruments.

How do you insert V care?

Slide the vaginal cup along the manipulator tube until it meets the cervical cup and is completely seated against the vaginal walls. Secure the lock in place by turning screw clockwise until tight. The locking mechanism must be locked at all times when using Vcare® for uterine manipulation.

What is a uterine manipulator?

Uterus Manipulator. The fully visualization of the uterus and the adnexa is the important basis for a good gynecological laparoscopic surgery. An uterine manipulator that can be adjusted to different angles allows the operator to flex and rotate the uterus so that it can be brought into an optimal position.

Why is the uterine sound curved?

The Uterine Sound is a single-use sound made of white, malleable, plastic material. Prior to use, the sound can be curved between the thumb and finger in order to follow the curve of the cervical canal. The graduations are in centimeters and allow for the measurement of the uterine cavity.

What is a cervical os?

It’s the bottom part of your uterus located at the very top of your vagina and looks kind of like a small doughnut. The opening in the center of the cervix is called the os. The cervix works like a gatekeeper, controlling what is and isn’t allowed through the os.

What is colpotomy procedure?

A colpotomy is a type of incision that can be used during a vaginal sterilization procedure (the other type of procedure is called a culdoscopy). During a colpotomy tubal ligation, your healthcare provider makes an incision into the posterior vaginal fornix (the fancy medical word for the back of the vagina).

What is a VCare Cup?

As described in the company’s product literature, “[the] VCare features a specially designed double-cup system; the forward cup displaces the cervix away from the ureters, retracts the urinary bladder and defines the colpotomy incision. The back cup prevents loss of pneumoperitoneum.

When is a uterine manipulator used?

Uterine manipulators are frequently used in simple and radical hysterectomies and are beneficial in improving visualization and providing a landmark for the colpotomy. A variety of manipulators are available and can be tailored to the planned procedure.

What is uterine sound used for?

Uterine sounds These sounds are intended for probing a woman’s uterus through the cervix, to measure the length and direction of the cervical canal and uterus. Dilators are primarily used to open and dilate the cervix to gain access to the uterine cavity, but can also be used as sounds.

Does the tenaculum hurt?

While the tenaculum is highly effective because it provides a firm and strong hold of the cervix, it often causes pain and bleeding. These undesirable side effects discouraged some women from getting one of the most effective methods of contraception, the IUD.