Is GiveWell legitimate?

Is GiveWell legitimate?

GiveWell is an American non-profit charity assessment and effective altruism-focused organization.

Who owns GiveWell?

Elie Hassenfeld
Elie Hassenfeld see bio above. Holden Karnofsky | GiveWell Co-Founder (Vice Chair). Holden graduated from Harvard University in 2003 with a degree in social studies, and spent the next several years in the hedge fund industry. He co-founded GiveWell in mid-2007.

How is GiveWell funded?

How does GiveWell support itself? GiveWell’s operations are supported by donations from foundations and individual supporters who choose to support them. We do not take a percentage of donations made to charities through GiveWell’s website, nor do we receive any fees from charities for being featured on our site.

Who started GiveWell?

Holden Karnofsky

Who funds open philanthropy?

Open Philanthropy identifies outstanding giving opportunities, makes grants, follows the results, and publishes our findings. Our main funders are Cari Tuna and Dustin Moskovitz, a co-founder of Facebook and Asana.

Who started the Open Philanthropy Project?

Holden Karnofsky
Dustin MoskovitzAlexander Berger
Open Philanthropy/Founders

How much does it cost to save a life GiveWell?

But as GiveWell’s research shows, that approaches a solution from the wrong direction: Donors need to account for all the other costs that make the charity work. For AMF, GiveWell uses the “cost per life saved.” So while the total of $3,340 may seem high, it’s only because other numbers have been artificially low.

Are donations to GiveWell tax deductible?

GiveWell (a.k.a. The Clear Fund) is a federally recognized tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. US donors are able to take tax deductions for donations to GiveWell to the extent permitted by US tax laws. In addition, GiveWell is able to make grants to our recommended charities.

When was GiveWell founded?


What is one for the world?

One for the World is a nonprofit organization on a mission to end extreme poverty. We encourage and motivate students to pledge 1% of their postgraduate income to the most effective causes in the world.

Who is GiveWell and what does it do?

GiveWell is an American non-profit charity assessment and effective altruism-focused organization. GiveWell focuses primarily on the cost-effectiveness of the organizations that it evaluates, rather than traditional metrics such as the percentage of the organization’s budget that is spent on overhead.

How much money have people donated to GiveWell?

More than 50,000 donors have trusted GiveWell to direct their donations. Together, they have given over $500 million to the organizations we recommend. These donations will save over 75,000 lives and provide cash grants of over $90 million to the global poor. You can read more about our impact here.

What did the founders of GiveWell get fined for?

GiveWell’s board of directors investigated and found that the founders Karnofsky and Hassenfeld had acted inappropriately and as a result, it fined each of them $5000 and Karnofsky was demoted from executive director to a program director.

What is the primary goal of GiveWell fundraising?

Our funding is covered by donors who give us unrestricted funds. If we raise more than we need to support our operations, we grant out the excess rather than continue to hold it ourselves as per our excess assets policy. Our primary fundraising goal is to raise funds for the outstanding organizations we recommend.