Is Dallas Cowboy Randy White married?

Is Dallas Cowboy Randy White married?

Personal life. White married Dallas model Vicci Haney, in 1978. They have one child together, daughter Jordan.

When did Randy White play for the Dallas Cowboys?

1975Dallas Cowboys
1972Maryland Terrapins football
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How many career sacks did Randy White have?

111 sacks
In his regular season career, White was credited with 1,104 tackles, 701 solo tackles and 111 sacks.

What is Randy White doing now?

White lives in Texas full time and said he hasn’t returned to Delaware much since he graduated from McKean in 1971, then went on to the University of Maryland before becoming a star with the Cowboys.

What was Randy White’s nickname?

The Manster
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Charlie Waters, the Dallas strong safety, dubbed White with the nickname “Manster,” because Waters reasoned “the way Randy plays he has to be part-man and part-monster.”

Is Lorrie Morgan still married to Randy White?

Now, Lorrie Morgan is married to Tennessee businessman Randy White. Lorrie and her spouse tied the knot in a beachside ceremony in September 2010 and have been together since, making it her longest marriage. Randy White owns a property design and landscape company just east of Nashville and is a father of four.

How much can Randy White bench press?

Don’t mess with the Manster White was one of the Cowboys’ strongest players (he once bench-pressed 450 pounds 10 times) and not one you would want to anger.

What college did Randy White go to?

University of Maryland
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Randy White, a 6-4, 257-pound All-America defensive end at the University of Maryland in 1974, was the Dallas Cowboys’ first pick and the second player selected in the 1975 National Football League Draft.

Was Randy White strong?

Is Lorrie Morgan still singing?

Morgan continues to tour and to appear on the Grand Ole Opry, where she has been a member since 1984. Her most recent album, a collaboration with Pam Tillis titled Come See Me and Come Lonely, was released in 2017.