How do you unlock Avaya phone keypad?

How do you unlock Avaya phone keypad?

  1. Basic Operation.
  2. Avaya 3720 DECT Telephone – User Guide.
  3. 11/2010.
  4. Unlock keypad. Press the * key. Press Soft key Yes.
  5. Note: Note:
  6. Lock/Unlock the Keypad during a call. To prevent accidentally pressing keys, the keys can be locked during a call.
  7. Lock Keypad. Longpress the * key.

How do I turn off Avaya station lock?

I dial *23 to deactivate, just dial tone. I used that in conjunction with the station lock button as well, and nothing worked. I still have to press # then the security code of the phone, and # again to deactivate.

How do I reset my Avaya 9608 phone?

Reset Avaya 9608

  1. Reboot the phone.
  2. Press the * button to program when it prompts as the phone is starting up.
  3. Press mute, then type in 27238 # (CRAFT).
  4. A menu will appear, scroll down to Clear and press Start.
  5. The display will show “Press Clear again to confirm”.

How do I unlock the keypad on my phone?

The phone screen will show Your keyboard is locked!” To unlock, press and hold # for about 3 seconds, then it will prompt for a password. To unlock, press and hold the “*” button for about 3 seconds and it will prompt you for a password.

How do you lock a station?

Lock a station to an event, folder, or location if you’d like a station to only allow check-ins to one spot, such as a campus, a hallway, or a specific room. From the Station Settings, click the checkbox next to Lock station, and then choose the event and location you’d like to lock the station to.

What is the default password for Avaya phone?

Avaya IP office comes with following system administration tools. Each tool can perform a defined set of functions: IP Office Manager….Hidden Low Hanging Avaya IP Office Default Credentials.

Username Password
IPDECTService [Blank]

How do I unlock my Avaya voicemail password?

When prompted for the password, enter the system administrator’s password followed by the pound key [ #].

  1. The factory system administrator password is 1234.
  2. If the system administrator’s password is not known, Avaya can reset this password. This service may be billable.