How do I register a device in meraki MDM?

How do I register a device in meraki MDM?

Profile Installation

  1. Navigate to Systems Manager > Add devices > Windows.
  2. From the device, open:
  3. Click Connect on mobile, or on native Windows 10 click ‘Enroll into device management’ or ‘Enroll only in device management’.
  4. Enter your email address, click Connect or Continue.

What is Apple device enrollment program DEP?

Overview. The Device Enrollment Program (DEP) helps businesses easily deploy and configure Apple devices. DEP provides a fast, streamlined way to deploy organization-owned iPad and iPhone devices, Mac computers, and Apple TV purchased directly from Apple or participating Apple Authorized Resellers or carriers.

How do I remove Apple device enrollment program?

Remove an MDM Enrollment Profile

  1. Click on the Apple menu icon then go to System Preferences > Profiles.
  2. Select your MDM Management Profile.
  3. Click on the minus icon to begin the removal process.
  4. Click Remove, if prompted to confirm removal.

How do I register my iPad in Meraki?

Manual Enrollment

  1. From the device’s Safari browser, open:
  2. Enter your ten-digit Network ID found in Dashboard: XXX-XXX-XXX.
  3. Press register.
  4. Open the iOS “Settings” app and tap on the downloaded profile.
  5. Follow the prompts to install the profile.
  6. You are now done!

How do I set up an Apple device enrollment program?

Sign in to Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager. Click Settings, then click Device Management Settings. Click Edit next to Customer Numbers, enter the information, then click Apply.

What is MDM enrollment?

Mobile device enrollment is the first phase of enterprise management. The device is configured to communicate with the MDM server using security precautions during the enrollment process. The enrollment service verifies that only authenticated and authorized devices can be managed by their enterprise.

What can meraki MDM do?

Meraki MDM Systems Manager allows you to manage mobile devices over the cloud in a secure environment. Basically, you control and manage mobile devices similar to the way you do with Meraki hardware. So, with Meraki MDM, employees can access company assets and data with their own devices.

Can a device enrollment program be used for Meraki?

With Apple Configurator 2.0 or later, Apple has allowed the use of the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) for automatic enrollment into Meraki Systems Manager, which can be used to speed up the process into a no-touch experience for mass enrollment of devices.

How to qualify for the Apple device enrollment program?

For additional information on DEP, including how to qualify for the program, please review Apple’s official deployment guide. Additional information can be found directly from Apple Business Manager portal or Apple School Manager portal. The following video also outlines an example DEP configuration and deployment through Systems Manager:

How does automatic enrollment work in Apple Configurator?

Automatic Enrollment through Apple Configurator only works on iOS devices that are in Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP), and allows you to pre-provision wireless settings on devices to seamlessly enroll during the device’s setup assistant.

Is the Meraki management profile removable on iOS?

Removable: If unchecked, the “Meraki Management” enrollment profile will not be visible for end users to remove on the iOS device in Settings > General > Device Management. Unchecking this prevents end users from un-enrolling themselves from Meraki management later.