Is Clinton Engines still in business?

Is Clinton Engines still in business?

Clinton Engines was sold to Martin Hoffinger, a New York investor, who operated the company on a reduced basis. It was eventually downsized to produce spare parts for engine repairs.

When did Clinton stop making engines?

From 1950 to 1985, Clinton Engines Corp. was the world’s largest producer of small gasoline engines.

Where were Clinton chainsaws made?

In addition, Clinton also produced complete lines of chainsaws and air-cooled outboards from 3 to 9.9 horsepower engines at the Maquoketa, Iowa, plant. Clinton engines were sold and serviced by more than 12,000 dealers in the United States and had 88 outlets in foreign countries.

What happened to Wisconsin engines?

The Wisconsin Motor Manufacturing Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, manufactured internal combustion engines between 1909 and 2018. Wisconsin passed through the hands of a number of owners and production at their Tennessee plant ended in 2018.

How do I identify a Clinton engine?

In the 1950s, Clinton Corporation developed a system of identification of its engines. The basis of this system of identification begins with the nameplate, which was permanently attached to each Clinton engine at the factory. The reference for all service and repair on Clinton engines will be found on this nameplate.

Who bought out Wisconsin Motors?

By 1912 they employed about 300 people. 1937 Wisconsin Motor merged with Continental Motors Company but retained a separate identity. September 30, 2017 Subaru Corporation ended production of small engines.

Who bought Wisconsin engines?

Fuji Heavy Industries
Wisconsin was purchased by Fuji Heavy Industries and sold under the name Robin.

How can I tell how old my engine is?

Using The VIN

  1. Open the hood of the vehicle and set the support bar.
  2. Locate the stamping plate that is on the block. Make a note of the 17-digit VIN on a piece of paper.
  3. Find the eighth letter or number in the VIN. This letter or number is used to indicate the type of engine that is used in the vehicle.