How do I remove an apprentice from AAPC?

How do I remove an apprentice from AAPC?

Requirements for Removal of Apprentice Designation To remove your apprentice designation via on-the-job experience, you must obtain and submit two letters of recommendation verifying at least two years of on-the-job experience (externships accepted) using the CPT®, ICD-9-CM/ICD-10-CM, or HCPCS Level II code sets.

How do I remove an apprentice from CPC?

For removing A for CPC, we need to have two recommendation letters (one from employer and second from the co-worker) from working organization. The recommendation letter should tell that, you have the required professional coding experience (minimum 2 years of coding experience) to get a CPC certificate.

How do I cancel my AAPC coder?

Codify is not refundable, you may terminate your subscription or free trial by contacting AAPC via phone or email. To ensure that your credit card does not get charged, please make your cancelation request at least two business days prior to the end date of your subscription or free trial term.

How long are you a CPC A?

Laureen: How long is it? The “A” designation will stay on until you submit proof that you have two years work experience or the equivalent of two years work experience. So, if you take a full course, like our physician based coding course, they will waive one year of the coding experience requirement.

What is CPC apprentice?

A Certified Professional Coder – Apprentice (CPC-A) credential is for medical coding students who have passed the Certified Professional Coder exam from the American Academy of Professional Coders (AACP).

What does apprentice status mean?

When you pass the CPC exam you might notice an “A” behind your name. If you don’t have 2 years of experience or experience equivalency, you will receive Apprentice coder status.

Can I cancel my AAPC exam?

How do I cancel an exam? This service is available on our website for your convenience, located under your upcoming events, on the main page. Click on the “Cancel This Exam” link. US Exams must be canceled 21 days prior to the scheduled exam date, or a service charge of $100 will be assessed.

How much are AAPC dues?

Pay the $180 renewal fee and submit CEUs (if due that year) by your renewal date, and you will be automatically taken off of the corporate membership and be responsible for your own membership. Or, the corporate contact can email AAPC with the request to have you removed.

How many times can you take the CPC exam?

How many times can you take the AAPC CPC exam? You can take the exam as many times as you need to pass it, but don’t forget about the CPC exam fees. As we’ve mentioned, it costs $390 to take the Certified Professional Coder exam, and with each payment you are also offered a free retake.