Does epidural make your heart race?

Does epidural make your heart race?

It has many different functions (more than I will list here), including vasoconstriction, increasing blood pressure, and increasing heart rate. In some people (like yourself) they are very sensitive to its effects and can get adverse effects (like palpitations).

Does epidural affect the uterine contractions?

Administration of epidural anesthesia can cause hypertonic uterine contractions, possibly owing to a rapid increase in plasma epinephrine levels that leads to reduced beta-agonist tocolytic activity.

Does epidural affect fetal heart rate?

The most common side effect of an epidural is a reduction in mom’s blood pressure. When mom’s blood pressure goes down, it can cause changes in the baby’s heart rate. This risk is routinely averted, however, by giving mom additional fluids prior to receiving an epidural.

Can epidural cause deceleration?

Two of the most common late deceleration causes include an overactive uterus and hypotension due to epidural analgesia. This is the injection of an anesthetic into your spinal epidural space to eliminate pelvic pain during labor and delivery.

Is epidural bad for baby?

Will an Epidural Affect My Baby? Some epidural medicine does reach the baby. But it’s much less than what a baby would get if the mother had pain medicines through an IV or general anesthesia. The risks of an epidural to the baby are minimal, but include possible distress.

What causes deceleration of fetal heart rate?

Early decelerations are caused by compression of the fetal head during uterine contractions. This results in vagal response (a response that occurs when the vagus nerve is stimulated). The vagal response causes a drop in the fetal heart rate.

What is considered a late deceleration?

Late deceleration is defined as a visually apparent, gradual decrease in the fetal heart rate typically following the uterine contraction. The gradual decrease is defined as, from onset to nadir taking 30 seconds or more.

Why you should not take epidural?

It can cause low blood pressure Epidurals can cause a sudden drop in your blood pressure. Your blood pressure is monitored throughout your labor and delivery to ensure adequate blood flow to your baby and throughout your body. If your blood pressure drops, you may need oxygen, fluids, and medication.