Where is a 016 area code from?

Where is a 016 area code from?

016: Vaal Triangle: Vereeniging, Vanderbijlpark and Sasolburg, which constitutes an anomaly, since Sasolburg isn’t the old Transvaal. 017: Southern Mpumalanga: Ermelo.

What area code is 01761 in UK?

💡 01761 is the area code for Temple Cloud and the surrounding area. The UK telephone numbers from Temple Cloud have this format : (01761) ###### within the 5 digit geographical dialling code 01761 (including the zero) are 11 digits long.

Where is 01780 the code for?

The location for 01780 is Stamford, UK. The 01780 area code will allow you to make calls to Stamford from wherever in the world you are.

What is 01706 The area code for?

01706 is the area code for Rochdale, Greater Manchester, UK. The Rochdale area code also covers places such as Bacup, Haslingden, Littleborough, Ramsbottom, Rawtenstall, Rossendale, and Shaw.

Who is calling from 0161?

0161 & Other Manchester-Based Numbers The 0161 prefix is the area code associated with Manchester (it changed over from 061 in 1995) and one with which eReceptionist’s customers have experienced a great deal of success with.

How much does it cost to call 076?

Are 076 numbers free? No, calls to 076 numbers are not free. 076 numbers can cost you from 5c to 50c per minute depending on whether you’re calling from a landline or a mobile. Click here to read more about 076 numbers and how much they might cost you when calling from a mobile.

What is the area code for Stamford Connecticut?

Area code 203
Stamford/Area codes
Where is area code 203? Area code 203 is located in southwestern Connecticut and covers Bridgeport, New Haven, Stamford, Waterbury, and Norwalk. It has a single overlay (475) that serves the same area.

What area code is 780 Canada?

province of Alberta
Area code 780 is a telephone area code in the province of Alberta and encompasses the northern two thirds of the province, including the Edmonton area. The area code was established in 1999.

What area code is 01772?

01772 is the area code for Preston, Lancashire, UK. The code also covers areas such as Bamber Bridge, Broughton, Leyland, Longridge, and Samlesbury.

What area code is 091?

Area Code Maps

Area Code MNA
090 Roscommon
091 Galway
091 Gort
091 Loughrea