What kind of aircraft is a 738?

What kind of aircraft is a 738?

Boeing 737-800
Boeing 737-800 (738)

Which company is b737 800 manufactured by?


Name 737-800
Manufacturer BOEING
Body Narrow
Wing Fixed Wing

Which company makes 737 aircraft?

Boeing 737

Boeing 737
Role Narrow-body airliner
National origin United States
Manufacturer Boeing
First flight April 9, 1967

Is Boeing 737 700 the same as Max?

The 737 MAX aircraft are not identical to the previous variants 737700, 737800 and 737900. The new LEAP engines help the MAX aircraft achieve huge fuel savings over previous models, with an increase in energy efficiency of 10 to 12%.

Is the 738 Boeing 737 safe?

Is it safe now? By endorsement of the FAA, Boeing and its pilots, the 737 MAX has been determined as safe to fly. But safe pilots fly planes safely and part of being a safe pilot is being well-trained and well-informed as to the full functionality of an aircraft’s systems.

Has Boeing 737-800 ever crashed?

January 8, 2020: Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 operated by a Boeing 737-800, crashed shortly after taking off from Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran, Iran, bound for Kyiv, Ukraine. There were no survivors among the 167 passengers and 9 crew.

How far can a 737-800 fly?

Modifications to the 737-800 airframe include installing a large cargo door, a cargo handling system, and additional accommodations for non-flying crew or passengers. The aircraft is designed to fly up to 1,995 nmi (3,695 km) at a MTOW of 174,100 lb (79,000 kg).

Is Boeing 737-800 still flying?

The 737-800 is the most common 737NG variant. Boeing stopped assembling commercial 737NGs in 2019 and made the final deliveries in January 2020. …

How many passenger does a 737 plane hold?

However, the 737 has become a family of nine different models. The number of passengers it can carry ranges from 85 to 215. The 737 is the only narrow-body airliner that Boeing is making.

How many seats on a Boeing 737?

The 737-100/200 original variants were powered by Pratt & Whitney JT8D low-bypass engines and offered seating for 85 to 130 passengers. Launched in 1980 and introduced in 1984, the 737 Classic -300/400/500 variants were upgraded with CFM56-3 turbofans and offered 110 to 168 seats.

What is the seating on a Boeing 737?

There are four members of Boeing’s 737 MAX family, with maximum seating ranging from 172 to 230. All are powered by a LEAP-1B engine from CFM International , a joint venture of General Electric and French engine-maker Safran .

What is a 738 aircraft?

The 737-800 (738) is a two cabin aircraft. The business class cabin has four seats arranged in a 2-2 configuration for a total of 16 recliner seats. The main cabin features 30 main cabin extra seats and 114 standard economy seats.