Does an INCINOLET smell?

Does an INCINOLET smell?

Incinerating toilets use electric heat to burn waste into a small amount of bacteria-free ash (about a tablespoon per use). Both systems are virtually odor-free and operate with little or no water, making them ideal for unheated areas susceptible to freezing.

How do you vent an INCINOLET?

Vent pipe can run horizontally or vertically. Venting materials can be placed within a wall and INCINOLET can be placed close to a wall at the back. Allow 6 to 8 inches on the right side (facing the toilet) to operate the foot pedal. Vertical vent-line should terminate with a rain cap.

How long does an INCINOLET last?

A typical electric incinerating toilet will use a one-hour to 1 3/4 hour cycle. The following excerpt from the US EPA document on incinerating toilets cited in the article above is in fact for an Incinolet toilet. Incineration is initiated by pressing a “start” button after each use of the toilet.

How long do incinerator toilets last?

The system is then in the incineration cycle. Depending on the load capacity the system may burn for 1.5 to 4 hours. The manufacture recommends burning off the loads at times when the toilet will not have to be used such as at the end of the workday or at night.

How much does an INCINOLET cost?

According to Incinolet product literature (Research Products/Blankenship), a four-user electric incinerating toilet costs $2,300; an eight-user toilet costs $2,700. The purchase cost of a propane- burning Storburn is $2,550; a natural gas-burning unit costs is $2,590.

How much power does an INCINOLET use?

Power Consumption One complete cycle uses about 1 1/2 to 2 kilowatt hours of electricity. Because you can use INCINOLET any time during the cycle, your “per use” cost is lower.

How do you clean an INCINOLET?

Since waste never touches the bowl of the INCINOLET, cleaning is very easy. Simply wipe surfaces with a damp cloth and clean the seat and lid as you would any toilet. From time to time, you may want to clean burn residue on inside surfaces and on the blower wheel.

How much does an INCINOLET weigh?


Weight 85 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 22 × 27 in
Configuration White Shell Add: $120, No White Shell
Seat Lid Color White, Sand, Blue

Can you pee in a incinerator toilet?

The toilet is designed to do nothing but incinerate the bowl liner, urine, human feces, tampons, sanitation pads and toilet paper.

How much does a INCINOLET toilet cost?

How much does an Incinolet cost?