What is the price of oil today in Canada?

What is the price of oil today in Canada?

Canadian Crude Index •7 days 62.66 +0.32%
Western Canadian Select •6 hours 64.78 -2.48%
Canadian Condensate •6 hours 76.43 -1.92%
Premium Synthetic •6 hours 77.83 -1.89%
Sweet Crude •6 hours 75.53 -1.82%

Is the Canadian dollar tied to oil prices?

The Canadian dollar, called the “loonie,” tends to run lockstep with oil prices. Canada is among the top 5 oil-producing and exporting countries.

How does oil prices affect CAD?

Oil has a negative correlation with USD/CAD of about 93% between 2000 through 2016. When oil goes up, USD/CAD goes down. When oil goes down, USD/CAD goes up. So, the next time you gas up your car and see that oil prices are rising, you can use this information to your advantage!

How is the Canadian dollar related to oil?

The history of the Canadian Dollar and crude oil prices can be observed in the chart below through the USD /CAD (inverted) currency pair. The correlation coefficient is also included, which clarifies the patterns of alignment.

How much does a barrel of oil cost in Canada?

Barrel Price of Crude Oil in Canada Total Barrel/s Current Price 1 Barrel 92.8 CAD 5 Barrel 463.8 CAD 10 Barrel 927.6 CAD 20 Barrel 1855.3 CAD

How does the price of oil affect Canada?

Exports of crude oil account for a large percentage of US currency earned by Canada, meaning shifts in the volume and price of crude oil have a significant impact on the flow of US dollars into the Canadian economy.

What’s the current price of oil in dollars?

Oil Price Charts Futures & Indexes Last Change % Change Opec Basket SellBuy 73.34 -0.50 -0.68% (1 day Delay) Canadian Crude Index Sell Buy 58.15 +0.06 +0.10% (1 day Delay) DME Oman SellBuy 72.53 -0.56 -0.77% (1 day Delay) Mexican Basket SellBuy 68.89 -0.14 -0.20% (1 day Delay)