Is University of Toronto good for engineering?

Is University of Toronto good for engineering?

U of T Engineering is Canada’s top engineering school and among the world’s best across international rankings.

What campus is engineering in UOFT?

Engineering Tours The Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering offers guided tours of the Engineering facilities at our downtown Toronto location on the St. George campus.

How much does it cost to study engineering in University of Toronto?


Domestic International
Tuition1 $14,180 $62,250
Incidental Fees $1,816.60 $1,816.60 2
Residence (with a meal plan) $11,016—$21,567 $11,016—$21,567
Meal Plan (without residence) $1,800—$3,000 $1,800—$3,000

What average do I need to get into University of Toronto engineering?

Canadian universities: minimum entering grades by faculty

University Minimum entering grade: Arts Minimum entering grade: Engineering
Toronto 75-84% 85-93%
UBC 75% 85%
Western 83.5% 87%
Brock 70%

Can you do engineering in 3 years?

Tech degrees offer students an opportunity to pursue a career in Engineering. The courses are of a duration of 4-years and are spread across 8 semesters. There are typically two kinds of engineering programme: 3-year BE/B.

What is the tuition fees for University of Toronto?

6,590 CAD, International tuition 45,690 CAD (2017 – 18)
University of Toronto/Undergraduate tuition and fees

How competitive is UOFT engineering?

Admissions to each of the faculty’s 10 entry options is extremely competitive and the overall entrance average is increasing each year. As shown on the figure on the left, the entrance average for 2018 was 93.6%. Following this trend, the entrance average for 2019 seems to be around the 94% mark.