Is Metro running in Delhi today?

Is Metro running in Delhi today?

Current Status of the Delhi Metro Network : Delhi Metro today has a current operational network covering 156 kms approx. in Delhi and the National Capital Region …….. The Airport Express Link which will connect New Delhi Railway Station with Dwarka Sector 21 via the IGI Airport is not yet operational.

How can I travel in Delhi Metro?


  1. Reach The Station. Click here for Metro Fare Calculator.
  2. Choose Your Journey and Ticket options.
  3. Enter Through The Ticket Gates.
  4. Reach The Platform.
  5. Board The Metro Train.
  6. Inside The Metro Train.
  7. Alight From The Metro Train.
  8. Exit Through The Ticket Gates.

When did Delhi Metro start?

Delhi Metro

Began operation 24 December 2002
Operator(s) Delhi Metro Rail Corporation
Number of vehicles 336 Trains
Train length 4/6/8 coaches

How many metro stations are there in Delhi?

254 metro stations
Delhi Metro Network map (as of February 2020) This is a list of all stations of the Delhi Metro, a rapid transit system serving Delhi and its satellite cities in the National Capital Region of India. As of now, there are a total of 254 metro stations including the Airport Express stations.

What is the fare of Delhi Metro?

The current fare structure is: up to 2 km — Rs 10, 2 to 5 km — Rs 20, 5 to 12 km — Rs 30, 12 to 21 km — Rs 40, 21 to 32 km — Rs 50 and for journeys beyond 32 km — Rs 60.

Which is biggest metro line in Delhi?

Pink Line
A segment of Delhi Metro’s Pink Line was launched on Friday, making it the longest operational corridor of the network. The 59-km-long Majlis Park-Shiv Vihar corridor or the Pink Line, which covers 38 stations, has now been fully linked.

Which is the busiest metro line in Delhi?

The Kashmere Gate is a Delhi Metro station in Delhi, on the Red Line, Yellow Line and Violet Line. It is a transfer station between the Red Line on the highest upper level, the Yellow Line on the lowest underground level and Violet Line on the parallel underground level. It is the busiest metro station in India.