What is an ambulant cubicle?

What is an ambulant cubicle?

Ambulant Toilet Cubicles are normal toilet cubicles with an outward opening door. They must also have: An outswinging door of at least 650mm. A minimum of 800mm between the sides of the toilet and the cubicle walls.

What is ambulant disabled?

The term ‘ambulant’ is used to describe a patient who is able to move around and is not confined to a bed or wheelchair. Whilst this does reduce their need for accessibility equipment within a disabled WC, there is still a need for certain supports and other apparatus within the toilet.

Do I need an ambulant toilet?

Where you have more than 20 and less than 50 patrons, general requirements include a minimum of one Accessible toilet AND the first male and female closet pan must be Ambulant compliant.

How big should a toilet cubicle be?

All standard cubicles should have a 450mm diameter manoeuvring space within the cubicle. The recommended internal width of the cubicle is 800mm wide and the recommended internal cubicle depth is 1500mm deep. Doors are typically inward opening with an opening of approximately 600mm wide.

What is ambulant ticket?

ambulent simply means you can walk, rather than a chair user. So it means in this case I would say ‘registered disabled’ = in receipt of dla, ‘ambulant’ = able to walk.

What size is a disabled toilet cubicle?

The wheelchair accessible layout has been modified to accommodate an overall toilet cubicle length of 2220mm (previously 2000mm). The door opening needs to be 900mm with a 950mm (wide) outward opening cubicle door.

What are the minimum dimensions for a disabled toilet cubicle?

Disabled toilets must be housed in a room that is at least 2200mm in length and 1500mm in width. Larger dimensions are acceptible though key fittings and amenities must still be located correctly.

Who is an ambulant patient?

(of a patient) able to walk about; not confined to bed. ‘Hospital beds would not be required for such local ambulant patients, and the hectic overwork of Accident and Emergency departments would, with one stroke, be alleviated.

What does it mean to be ambulant?

: walking or in a walking position specifically : ambulatory an ambulant patient.