Is there an eSpark app?

Is there an eSpark app?

You can download the app here. If you are a trial teacher that needs district permission to download the eSpark app, we are happy to help work with your tech team to get them the info that they need.

What is eSpark app?

eSpark is a fun, differentiated learning platform for K-5 math and reading classrooms. Automatically differentiating instruction with fun games, videos, and creative challenges, eSpark makes it easy to address the range of learning needs found in most classrooms.

How much does eSpark cost?

eSpark pricing is quoted according to the number of teachers and students of the school. It provides membership to a whole school. The membership now offers professional development for distance learning to teachers in the eSpark pricing plan which is otherwise priced at $2000.

Is eSpark good for kindergarten?

The eSpark app selections are very interactive, tactile, visual and enjoyable for the students. More importantly, many of the apps provide the student with immediate and constructive feedback. Such a response is difficult to achieve with traditional workstations.

How do I log into eSpark?

Students can log in with their usernames and passwords at espark. app. You can find your students’ usernames and passwords on the Roster tab of your dashboard. You can also print login cards for them from the roster tab.

Is eSpark any good?

“Simply the best out there!” eSpark has been such a pleasure in the classroom. I feel like I have more control over all aspects of differentiated learning going on with all 25 of my students. This allows me to focus on learning strategies with my small groups and to focus on what each student needs from me.

How long is eSpark free?

How long can my teachers try eSpark for free? Teachers in your school or district can sign up to use eSpark Lite for free, forever. Administrators can purchase a Premium membership to get additional lessons, data insights, training, and more.

Can eSpark be used at home?

Families can use eSpark at home as a great way for kids to continue accessing math and reading content at a level that’s right for them, even if they’re not in the classroom.

How do I add eSpark to clever?

To do this, your students will tap the eSpark icon within your teacher page in Clever (see image below). This Clever authentication will automatically launch eSpark on the student’s device. Once this has been completed, students can continue to access eSpark via the icon in your Clever teacher page!

How long is the eSpark free trial?

What is eSpark Lite?

eSpark Lite is free for teachers. eSpark Premium, includes: Progress monitoring, full data reporting, and alerts to monitor usage and standards mastery which help to identify and target learning gaps. eSpark’s full library of small group skills for targeted practice.

Can a school use the espark iPad app?

* Easy setup – eSpark’s proprietary technology allows for easy iPad setup, which enables educators to deliver and manage personalized learning in their classrooms. * This app can only be used at school districts that partner with eSpark Learning.

Is there a privacy policy for espark learning?

The developer, eSpark Learning, has not provided details about its privacy practices and handling of data to Apple. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy. The developer will be required to provide privacy details when they submit their next app update. Requires iPadOS 11.0 or later.

How to help your student grow in espark?

Students who use eSpark grow 1.5 times faster than their peers on the NWEA MAP. Inform your small groups and 1:1 interventions with weekly, actionable email alerts. Monitor your students’ progress in real-time with weekly activity reports. Track standard mastery over time and identify gaps in reading and math.

What can espark do for your PK-5 students?

eSpark automatically differentiates for your PK-5 students based on their current needs, giving them targeted instruction in reading and math. Practice and have fun. Diverse third-party games, videos, and resources spark a love of learning and help your students practice new skills. Grow at their own pace.