Is my money protected in moneycorp?

Is my money protected in moneycorp?

We offer competitive exchange rates and low transfer fees, typically working out cheaper than high-street banks. We pride ourselves on security and trustworthiness. moneycorp safeguards all relevant funds in segregated, client accounts. This means all relevant funds are kept separate from our business accounts.

Does moneycorp use Swift?

When will I need a BIC / SWIFT code? You will need to provide a BIC (SWIFT) code to make any payment to a bank account that is in a different country to your bank. Fortunately, with an international payments account from moneycorp, you can enjoy competitive exchange rates and low fees on all of your overseas payments.

How do I send money with moneycorp?

You can set up your moneycorp account online, add funds via debit card or bank transfer, and exchange up to 33 currencies (with more available over the phone). You can then pay existing recipients or set up a new payment from your account. Once complete, an online money transfer will typically take 2-3 working days.

What is a moneycorp account?

All business clients with moneycorp are provided a multiple currency account, a digital wallet that can hold over 120 different currencies. This allows you to make and receive payments from one convenient location.

Who owns money Corp?

Bridgepoint Group
Regent Acquisitions (Holdings) Ltd.
Moneycorp/Parent organizations

Is money Corp a bank?

moneycorp bank is part of moneycorp group, which has been dealing in foreign exchange since 1979. Today’s launch means moneycorp bank account holders enjoy the same fee free experience as moneycorp international payments customers.

Is SWIFT code the same as Bic?

Yep, a SWIFT code and BIC code are the same thing and provide the same service. The acronym SWIFT stands for “Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication”, which is the messaging for the global system. The abbreviation BIC stands for “Bank Identifier Code”, which is the code the service provides.

What bank is BOF?


Branch code XXX
Country Ireland

When a payment is made from one country to another then it is called?

A remittance is money sent to another party, usually one in another country.

Where is moneycorp based?

Discover what moneycorp is about Headquartered in London, with presences across Europe, North America, South America, Australasia, Asia and the Middle East, we help businesses and individuals get their money where it needs to be.

Who is the CEO of moneycorp?

Mark Horgan (Jan 9, 2012–)

How many employees does moneycorp have?


Type Private
Services International money transfer, Currency exchange, FX Hedging solutions, Global payments API, Multi-currency prepaid card
Owner Bridgepoint Capital
Number of employees +760