How many sub Regrrars are there in Delhi?

How many sub Regrrars are there in Delhi?

There are a total of 18 Sub-Registrar Office In Delhi.

How can I get appointment of sub registrar office in Delhi?

Visit to request an appointment with the sub-registrar for registration of property in Delhi. Here you need to enter e-stamp number for verification. Mention your district, sub-registrar and select your area.

Is registry open in Delhi?

Delhi has been under lockdown since mid-April. Though several government offices were allowed to function during this period, registry offices remained shut as officers were reassigned on Covid duty.

What is sub registrar office?

Sub-Registrar means a person appointed by a local registrar for the purpose of approving permits for the disposition of remains, as provided in section 3705.17 of the Revised Code.

Will registration fees in Delhi?

No stamp duty is required for registration of will. 2. Registration Fee is Rs. 600/-.

How can I check my property online in Delhi?

There is no fee for search of details of past registration of properties. One can make online search through our official websites: or

What is the registry charges in Delhi?

The charges applicable for property document registration in Delhi are: Stamp duty and transfer duty @ 4% if the vendee is a woman and @ 6% if the vendee is a man. The registration fee is 1% of the total value of Sale Deed + Rs. 100/- pasting charge.

Will registration in Delhi online?

However online will registration is not currently possible . The person will have to personally visit the sub registrar office to register will.

Will registration fee in Delhi?

Is Registrar a gazetted officer?

Every Central and State Government Universities, Government Colleges and Autonomous Colleges and other educational institutions is functioned by Registrar and Assistant Registrar. Assistant Registrar (Non-Teaching) is appointed in these institutions as second-class gazetted officer.